Feb 14 2016

Supreme Court Contention: It Didn’t Start With Bork

Robert Bork

It’s true that there was an era when the Senate almost always gave near-complete deference to presidents’ judgment in naming Supreme Court justices; that era came to an end not in 1987 with Robert Bork, but in 1968 with Lyndon Johnson’s nomination of Abe Fortas.

Feb 12 2016

ACTION ALERT: Stop Mega-Cable Merger to Avoid a Second Comcast

Time Warner Cable/Charter

Americans who hate Comcast largely for reasons related to its very bigness are now facing the possibility of, essentially, another Comcast–as the result of a possible merger between Time Warner, Charter Communications and Bright House Networks.

Feb 12 2016

Police and Media Agree: Cops Just Need to Be Nicer

Police officer with residents in Fresno, California (photo: Washington Post/Carl Costas)

The police reform conversation, pushed into the national consciousness through mass protests and acts of civil disobedience by everyday people, was steered toward the theme of “community policing” by establishment figures—with the help of the media.

Feb 11 2016

Aviva Chomsky on Immigrant Workers & the Newspaper Business

Boston Globe delivery workers rally (photo: North Shore Labor Council)

A labor disruption at the Boston Globe by the paper’s deliverers broached the dividing wall between reporters and the people whose difficult and undercompensated labor brings those reporters’ work to much of the public.

Feb 11 2016

‘This “Independent” Academic Is Promoting Public Policy Issues for a Private Corporation’

CounterSpin interview with Carey Gillam on food expert conflicts of interest

Carey Gillam

“What you see through these emails is that it was all very coordinated and very crafted by Monsanto and Monsanto PR operatives.”

Feb 11 2016

Sanders a Bourgeois Deviationist, Washington Post Declares

Bernie Sanders in Reuters video accompanying Dana Milbank's column

The day before the New Hampshire primary, the Washington Post ran a column headlined “Bernie Sanders Is No Revolutionary”—written by Dana Milbank, that noted expert on revolutionary movements.

Feb 10 2016

‘Cases Are Sometimes Stuck in Limbo for a Very Long Time’

CounterSpin interview with Talia Buford on environmental racism and the EPA

Talia Buford

“Stories like Flint or other stories out of the Office of Civil Rights can be a jumping off point for us to just start asking more about our communities and asking more about the world that we live in, and looking for the data to back those questions up.”

Feb 10 2016

Missing the Days When Candidates Pretended We Had No Big Problems

Barack Obama (photo: Doug Mills/NYT)

The things David Brooks sees in Barack Obama that he misses in Bernie Sanders are interesting—because they’re revealing of the criteria establishment media use to place politicians either inside or out of the club.