Feb 10 2016

‘Cases Are Sometimes Stuck in Limbo for a Very Long Time’

CounterSpin interview with Talia Buford on environmental racism and the EPA

Talia Buford

“Stories like Flint or other stories out of the Office of Civil Rights can be a jumping off point for us to just start asking more about our communities and asking more about the world that we live in, and looking for the data to back those questions up.”

Feb 10 2016

Missing the Days When Candidates Pretended We Had No Big Problems

Barack Obama (photo: Doug Mills/NYT)

The things David Brooks sees in Barack Obama that he misses in Bernie Sanders are interesting—because they’re revealing of the criteria establishment media use to place politicians either inside or out of the club.

Feb 5 2016

UN Group Calls for Slavery Reparations, but Few in Media Are Listening

The Atlantic: The Case for Reparations

When a UN human rights group released a report saying African-Americans face “systemic racial discrimination” and deserve “reparatory justice,” that was not so newsworthy.

Feb 5 2016

Talia Buford on EPA and Environmental Racism, Carey Gillam on Food Coverage Conflicts

Houston (photo: Goldman Environmental Prize)

The government has a responsibility to address the disproportionate infliction of environmental harms on communities of color, from the spraying of toxic pesticides to the siting of polluting factories. But do they do it, and if not, why not?

Feb 4 2016

Washington Post’s Food Columnist Goes to Bat for Monsanto–Again

Washington Post depicts an organic soup bar (Photo: Brennan Linsley/AP)

Washington Post food columnist Tamar Haspel offered an investigation (“the surprising truth”) about the food movement—without speaking to anyone in the food movement—concluding that there isn’t much of a food movement after all.

Feb 4 2016

New Yorker Shooting Blindly at Bernie Sanders

New Yorker illustration of a piece on Bernie Sanders (photo: Evan Vucci/AP)

It seems the view of many in the media is that Sanders is a fringe candidate, so it’s not necessary to treat his positions with the same respect awarded the views of a Hillary Clinton or a Marco Rubio.

Feb 3 2016

As Much as Media Would Like Them to, Trump’s Supporters Are Unlikely to Evaporate

Donald Trump rally (cc photo: Gage Skidmore)

The people who are most enthusiastically behind Trump have real problems with real consequences; they’re not likely to forget about them because Ted Cruz had a better get-out-the-vote operation in Iowa.

Feb 2 2016

Even Praising His Political Skills, Washington Post Still Side-Eyes Sanders

Washington Post: "Why Bernie Sanders Won Over This First-Time Caucus Goer"

Even in a piece that charts Sanders’ success in galvanizing new voters, political reporter Karen Tumulty still manages to side-eye the candidate with the observation that “Republicans are not the only voters looking for qualities beyond experience and electability.”