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Jul 1 2009

Letters to the Editor

The Hannity Prescription I enjoyed your coverage of the media quarantine of single-payer health plans (6/09). I was particularly tickled by the quote of this right-wing fanatic Sean Hannity. His is idea was that if we look at France, England or Canada, we would see that single-payer is the worst thing. I then checked the life expectancy in these three countries. It seems that their citizens all live longer than we Americans. I guess the slogan should be, “Listen to Hannity and live a shorter life!” Donald Kahn Minneapolis, Minn. Unfair to Chris Matthews I am a donor to FAIR […]

Apr 1 2009

Digital Justice for All

End of analog TV exposes digital divide

On June 12, all analog television signals will go dark, and many people will be cut off from an important information source. The cause: the Digital Television Transition and Public Safety Act, signed into law by George W. Bush in February 2006. This act gave the Federal Communications Commission the authority to terminate analog licenses for full-power television stations and reclaim the spectrum for public safety and commercial wireless broadband services. By the end of the transition, digital television transmissions will be in the spectrum currently occupied by TV channels 2 through 51—the “core” TV spectrum—while television channels 52-69 will […]