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Mar 1 1998

‘Are You Sure You Want to Ruin Your Career?’

Gary Webb's fate a warning to gutsy reporters

Imagine this: You’re an investigative reporter with nearly 20 years experience. You publish a multi-part investigative series in a reputable daily paper. The story electrifies the public and sends the country’s premier newspapers scurrying to find fault with it. After exhaustive examination involving dozens of journalists at several major papers, the original story is found–except for a few details and overstatements–to be basically sound. Yet you find yourself ostracized. Your follow-up stories go unpublished. After being transferred and taken off the investigative beat, you leave journalism. Is this how today’s newspapers reward gutsy investigative reporting on politically sensitive topics? It […]

Jul 1 1997

Election Neglected on L.A.’s Local TV

Exploring an Empty News Hole

American media seem never to run short of disillusioning experiences. When members of FAIR did a study of L.A. local TV news three years ago, we expected to find a lot of crime stories, and sure enough, we did. What we didn’t expect to find was zero campaign coverage only weeks before an election. So this spring as L.A.’s April 8 election approached, it seemed like it might be interesting to look specifically at how local TV would handle the upcoming election. Angelenos not only had to select a mayor, we also had a couple of city council district seats […]