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Aug 30 2012

2010 FAIR Sustainers

Your generous donations have topped the goal for our year-end fundraising! We are incredibly grateful for the overwhelming show of support. In 2011 we’ll keep fighting corporate media misinformation…thanks to you! If your name was missed, or if you wish to be removed from the list, please contact FAIR Watchdog $1000+ Matt Clark Warren Habib Francis Hagan Michael Protzel FAIR Gadfly $500-999 Judith Belzer & Michael Pollan The Bungie Foundation Xan Gregg Stephen Hillyer Roger Myers Kathleen Naureckas Chris Orr Peter Sills David Suisman Peter Thompson FAIR Advocate $250-499 Joani Blank Jonathan Breslau Alan Carlson Mary Cleveland Thomas Cramp […]

Aug 28 2003

The Ten Commandments–Are They Fair And Balanced?

A national media spotlight has focused on the battle between the Constitution of the United States and some religious fundamentalists who viewed themselves as angels of Montgomery. The removal of a big Ten Commandments monument from an Alabama courthouse on Wednesday was good news for people who prefer democracy to theocracy. But as the holy smoke clears, news outlets might want to consider the concepts that have endured on those chiseled tablets — in the context of the media industry itself. Before proceeding with this column, I wish to inform any litigious corporation among ye that I will be utilizing […]

Jan 8 1997

Rare Voice for Peace Fired by Washington Post

The permissible spectrum of opinion in major newspapers seems to be narrowing. In July 1995, USA Today fired its only progressive columnist, Barbara Reynolds. Now the Washington Post has unceremoniously dumped its one consistent voice for peace and justice, Colman McCarthy, who has written for the paper since the late ’60s. Like Reynolds, McCarthy represented a perspective little heard in mainstream media: that of the religious left. (If anything, it’s even more silenced than the secular left.) He had a vastly different set of concerns from the typical Washington Post columnist. “What should be the moral purpose of writing,” McCarthy […]

Jan 1 1996

Powell Media Mania

After months of intense media hype about Colin Powell, pundit Joe Klein carried the prevalent spin to its dizzying conclusion. “The key to the race” for the presidency in 1996, Klein wrote (Newsweek, 11/13/95), is that “ideas are not important. Stature is everything.” He added: “But if ideas don’t matter, what does? Civility does.” Mesmerized by Colin Powell’s “stature” and “civility,” and showing a remarkable disdain for “ideas,” the news media pumped up Powellmania. As early as 1994, Newsweek (10/10/94) was asking the question “Can Colin Powell Save America?” and declaring him “the most respected figure in American public life.” […]

Jul 1 1992

For Media Decision-Makers, Urban Problems are Old News

At every home team baseball game, there are the same players, same ballpark, same uniforms, same rules. But the media would never conclude that coverage should shut down because there’s nothing new. Somehow, though, the standard that would never be applied to sports is the rule of thumb for covering cities: Ho-hum, they’re still poor — old story, no news. The L.A. riot changed the rule, at least for a moment. The cities are newsworthy again, as the media rediscover the other America. But you might as well keep your fraying copies of the 1968 Kerner Report, because the White […]

Jan 1 1991

‘Arabs Stone Jewish Worshippers’…or Did They?

“Stones fell on Jews who…were simply praying peacefully at the Western Wall,” reported Dean Reynolds on Nightline (10/9/90). His version coincided with nearly all accounts of the Oct. 8 killing of some 17 Palestinians outside the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. CBS Evening News showed stones, thrown by Palestinians, flying over the Wailing Wall. What they failed to show, and what few journalists reported, is that the plaza below was virtually empty. Investigative reporter Michael Emery (Village Voice, (11/13/90) analyzed three separate videotapes of the massacre to show that Israeli forces fired into the crowd before any rocks were thrown […]