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Mar 7 2008

Ali Abunimah on Gaza, Cynthia Pearson on Barbara Seaman


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: Israel’s re-invasion of the Gaza Strip has left over 100 Palestinians dead, many of them civilians. The coverage of the attack has featured some familiar media themes—the strained and strange euphemisms for the violence, the skewed chronologies of who-started-what, and the impossibility of peaceful negotiations. We’ll sort out the current state of affairs with Ali Abunimah of the website Electronic Intifada. Also on CounterSpin today: As a journalist who challenged the medical establishment and the ironclad authority of physicians, Barbara Seaman helped launch the women’s healthcare movement. But as she succeeded in affecting one […]

Mar 1 2008

Barbara Seaman, 1935-2008

Editor's Note

The New York Times doesn’t forgive and it doesn’t forget. We saw this when one of its most eloquent critics, John Hess, died and was given an error-filled obituary (1/22/05) that called him “cranky,” “curmudgeonly” and “grudging.” (See Extra!, 3-4/05). Now another of FAIR’s journalistic heroes has died, another groundbreaking investigative journalist who also had the temerity to challenge the Times’ sense of self-righteousness—and she too got a posthumous smear from the paper. Barbara Seaman revolutionized the field of health reporting, treating the medical establishment as an object of skepticism and focusing on the need to inform patients of their […]

Jun 10 2003

Troubles at the Times

Beyond Blair

With the resignations of New York Times executive editor Howell Raines and managing editor Gerald Boyd, the newspaper regarded as the “paper of record” is going through a severe credibility crisis. The controversy concerns former Times reporter Jayson Blair, and the plagiarism and numerous fabricated or inaccurate stories that editors failed to catch while he was with the paper. While Blair’s record was shameful, it is important to recall that the Times has been guilty of sloppy or inaccurate reporting involving domestic and international stories of greater consequence than those Blair covered. Some examples: —The Times‘ Judith Miller has been […]

Mar 1 1997

The Media and the Menopause Industry

Advertising has muted dangers of estrogen therapy

You don’t get product ads unless you praise the product. –Gloria Steinem, founding editor of Ms. In his book Adverse Reactions, Thomas Maeder recalls the philosophy of Harry Loynd, an old-time president of Parke-Davis who was legendarily blunt. Loynd’s oft-repeated motto was “Pills are to sell, not to take.” He regarded physicians as extremely gullible, and lectured his staff, “If we put horse manure in a capsule we could sell it to 95 percent of these doctors.” Were he still among us, Loynd might have a great giggle over the fact that Wyeth-Ayerst’s 50-year-old Premarin, boldly named for its featured […]