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Feb 1 2010

Newsweek Greenwashes the Oil Lobby for Real

Boosting fossil-fuel profits as a sign of eco-friendliness

Photo Credit: The Daily Beast

Green energy advocates, environmentalists and anyone concerned with climate change can breathe a deep sigh of relief—the battle against the oil barons has been won. At least, that’s what Newsweek would have its readers believe. Under the provocative headline “Big Oil Goes Green for Real” (, 9/19/09), Newsweek International senior editor Rana Foroohar argued that the world’s biggest oil producers have had a change of heart: Companies are actually beginning to think about alternatives not just as a tool for greenwashing (throw up a few solar panels here, sponsor a conference on wind energy there) but as real businesses that […]

Sep 1 2009

The Polluted Cap-and-Trade Debate

Media amplify climate change skeptics

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons/So Xtina

On Earth Day, President Barack Obama gave a speech from Newton, Iowa, a town CNN’s report (4/22/09) placed on “the front lines of a wind-power revolution.” During his speech, which focused on energy, he outlined his proposed cap-and-trade program: “Carbon dioxide and other tailpipe emissions are harmful to the health and well-being of our people. So there’s no question that we have to regulate carbon pollution in some way…. I believe the best way to do it is through legislation that places a market-based cap on these kinds of emissions.” While Obama drew a clear connection between pollution-reducing legislation and […]

Jul 10 2009

Sasha Abramsky on ‘Breadline USA’, Jim Naureckas on the future of journalism


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: Some 25 million Americans, nearly 9 percent of the population–rely on food pantries. But with rare exceptions, and despite its devastating impact, big media just don’t seem to find a reportable story in chronic hunger. A new book hopes to make the issue more visible, by actually talking to people. It’s called Breadline USA: The Hidden Scandal of American Hunger and How to Fix It; we’ll speak with author Sasha Abramsky. Also on the show: Hard times and decreasing ad revenues have prompted a spate of seminars and discussion about the future of journalism […]

Jul 1 2009

Who Pays for Journalism in the Post-Print Era?

Crumbling corporate finance and the future of news

OWS first amendment savetheinternet

Newspapers are faltering. Their traditional economic base is continually being eroded by the Internet, and this trend will only increase with time. The lot of print newspapers is unlikely to improve, and the sooner journalists and those who care about the press accept this foregone conclusion, the better. Because there is a critical question confronting journalism: When the publishing giants fall, who will pay the reporters? Text-based journalism needs a new business model, one that supports public interest stories and maintains financial stability, without relying overwhelmingly on large-scale corporate advertising contracts. As recently noted by Nation columnist Eric Alterman (5/11/09): […]

Apr 1 2009

Unsafe as Milk

How journalism failed to protect babies against BPA

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons/sunsurfr

When researchers identified the common plastic additive Bisphenol-A (BPA) as being potentially harmful, CBS ran a segment on the morning news. The anchor introduced the story, “A new study finds that a chemical found in plastic baby bottles and other plastic containers and wraps could be dangerous to your health.” This may seem like an unsurprising opener, given the relatively heavy coverage BPA received in the past year. What’s remarkable about this story, though, is that it aired on May 12, 1999. Almost a decade ago, both CBS and ABC reported on a Consumers Union study (5/99) that found the […]

Apr 1 2009

Hate Speech, Media Activism and the First Amendment

Putting a spotlight on dehumanizing language

In just over a month last winter, two Latino men were beaten to death in New York state while their attackers shouted racial slurs and epithets (Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/25/09). Such hate crimes, motivated by anti-immigrant prejudice and other bigotries, have spurred a media justice campaign to reveal the potential human costs of hate speech. When the FBI reported that hate crimes against Hispanics had increased by an astonishing 40 percent between 2003 and 2007 (FBI: Hate Crime Statistics, 2003 and 2007), UCLA professor Chon Noriega began to ask “whether the media plays a role in the persistence of hate speech […]

Dec 1 2008

Sarah Palin: Maverick Feminist?

In the final weeks of the campaign, there was good news for feminists: The women’s movement had a new leader, ready to finish smashing that glass ceiling Hillary Clinton cracked. Yes, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was the fresh new face of feminism, even if feminists were too stubborn or elitist to admit it—or so some in the media would have audiences believe. In what would surely be considered a nontraditional marriage, right-wing pundits attempted to wed Palin and feminism. Her incompatible stances on core feminist issues like safe and legal abortions, access to healthcare for working women and their families, […]

Jan 1 2008

Hollywood’s Media–and Washington’s

Rendition highlights the limits of torture discussion

“Guantánamo, a prison in no way ready to close, is at the heart of a conversation that almost no one seems willing to open.” Since September 27, 2007, when Karen Greenberg closed an article on with that observation, a media conversation about torture has unexpectedly taken off. The New York Times (10/4/07) published a lengthy exposé about the long turmoil at the Department of Justice caused by the Bush White House’s insistence that “enhanced interrogation” was key to fighting its “war on terror.” PBS’s Frontline (10/16/07) explored how Dick Cheney’s office secretly pushed the idea that the president could […]