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Jan 12 2015

Extra! January/February 2015

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  SoundBites Gender Focus Hillary Clinton and the Feminism of Exclusion Media don’t ask which women she crusades for by Rania Khalek Cover Story At AP, Black Lives Don’t Matter Police feelings mean more than the death of Eric Garner by Jim Naureckas Media and the ‘Melting Pot’ Putting a harmonious spin on gentrification by Aaron Cantú Spinning Tuition Hikes as a Clash of Politicians California’s privatization drive escapes scrutiny by Caroline Kao CounterSpin ‘Obama Is Trying to Get Congress to Give Him a Blank Check’ Lori Wallach on Trans-Pacific Partnership

Jan 1 2015

Spinning Tuition Hikes as a Clash of Politicians

California's privatization drive escapes scrutiny

UC Berkeley, tuition hikes

Corporate media did little to contextualize the University of California tuition hikes within the regents’ broader turn toward privatization. Nor did they report on the robust student movement against privatization that contributed to student mobilization.

Aug 1 2007

Diagnosis: Michael Moore

Media paint filmmaker as healthcare system's main problem

The coverage and commentary set off by the release of Sicko, Michael Moore’s documentary about the failures of the U.S. healthcare system, was certainly enlightening–as an example of how corporate media continue to twist and restrict the much-needed debate on healthcare reform. Aside from an occasional concession that 46 million uninsured Americans are indeed problematic, the media’s hype-filled conversation avoided the issues, echoes old myths and effectively marginalizes popularly backed proposals for change. One could almost get the sense, watching the reporting on the documentary, that the real problem facing Americans was…Michael Moore. On ABC‘s Good Morning America (6/13/07), Chris […]