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Oct 20 2014

Official Sources May Be the Only Sources

Risen case tests reporters' power to reveal government wrongdoing

James Risen, New York Times

James Risen’s supporters fear that the US Department of Justice within the self-proclaimed “most transparent administration in history” is preparing to deliver a body blow to the First Amendment’s promise of press freedom.

Jul 1 2002

The Thrill of a Good Conspiracy

Iraq and the Oklahoma bombing case

Few episodes in American history attracted more conspiracy theories than the Oklahoma bombing case. The idea that Iraq was actually involved with the 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City is a theory long ago dismissed–for good reasons. Sadly, after the attacks of 9-11, it reemerged with a vengeance. “A few top Defense officials think Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh was an Iraqi agent,” U.S. News & World Report‘s Paul Bedard wrote in his “Washington Whispers” column (10/29/01). “The theory stems from a never-before-reported allegation that McVeigh had allegedly collected Iraqi telephone numbers.” Insight magazine writer Kenneth Timmerman (4/15/02) took this a […]