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Feb 22 2013

Dan Beeton on Ecuador Election, Christine Hong on North Korea


What is it about leftist Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa that U.S. media don’t like? Dan Beeton from the Center for Economic and Policy Research explains. And what context and history would improve our understanding of North Korea? UC Santa Cruz professor Christine Hong has some ideas.

Feb 13 2009

Lori Wallach on Buy America brouhaha, Dan Beeton on Venezuela


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: The debate over the White House-backed economic stimulus package has featured all kinds of media misdeeds—an overreliance on Republican rejectionists and an absence of actual economists talking about the plan, just for starters. Pundits and editorial writers have warned us about another problem: the prospect of a global trade war, thanks to the Democrats’ protectionism. Is all the media anger totally misplaced? We’ll talk to Lori Wallach of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch division. Also on the show: Venezuelans have a referendum this weekend but the U.S. corporate press corps voted long ago: Chávez […]

Nov 1 2006

Wrong Numbers

Distorting Venezuela’s record on poverty

One charge that U.S. media have hurled at Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez—that poverty has worsened under his administration—seems tailored to alienate the populist leader from his natural supporters. Isn’t Chávez a leftist? Aren’t his policies pro-poor? progressives may wonder. What about all that oil wealth? Is this really true? No, it’s not. But that doesn’t stop the media from printing misinformation about poverty in Venezuela. It isn’t that opinion writers and editorial editors used false statistics or made errors in their calculations—in most cases, they used the Venezuelan government’s own statistics, as many editorials pointed out. Instead, they used old […]