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May 1 1991

Extra! May/June 1991

Articles in the print edition Press Ignores the Obvious in U.S. Energy Policy by Daniel Lazare Peter Panomics Happy talk on the recession by Doug Henwood The Tyranny of the Media Correct The assault on “the new McCarthyism” by Laura Fraser The “Myth” of Racism Integrity at Risk at PBS Elvis’ UFO Baby Exposes “Earth Day” Killers! Back From the Brink Battered Women Take a Beating From the Media by Tiffany Devitt and Jennifer Downey What Is a Crisis? Who’s the Victim The Return of Shirley Christian Pinochet apologist comes back to Central America By Mark Cook Brutality Coverage: “Thornburgh […]

May 1 1991

Press Ignores the Obvious in U.S. Energy Policy

Following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the Wall Street Journal (9/10/90) reported on why Japan has been so much more successful in conserving oil than the U.S. The report focused on the role of Japan’s government in coordinating energy programs and compelling corporations to install energy-saving machinery. Yet it managed to overlook what Ronald Morse, an energy specialist quoted in the article, subsequently described to EXTRA! as the most important reason of all: a tax policy that keeps Japanese energy prices high and demand low. The omission was indicative of the daily press’ persistent myopia concerning energy issues. While showing […]