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Pundits vs. Edward Snowden

Informing public of government spying 'self-indulgent' and 'grandiose'

Edward Snowden

There are plenty of people working in the media who don't have much use for whistleblowers--and they've been having a field day going after NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.


Daniel Ellsberg on WikiLeaks, A.C. Thompson on New Orlean police shootings

Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: The release of tens of thousands of Afghan War documents by the organization WikiLeaks has met with some confusion in the media, who seem to want to downplay its importance but who also insist that WikiLeaks and its founder are dangerous and irresponsible. Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked The Pentagon Papers to the press 40 years ago, will join us with his thoughts on the WikiLeaks revelations. Also on the show: If tens of thousands of displaced people have been unable to convince journalists that hurricane Katrina is not a finished story, the recent indictments […]


Gabriel Arana on immigration, Ron Daniels on Henry Louis Gates


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: Arizona's new immigration law has sparked national protests and a renewed political discussion about something usually called "comprehensive reform." What that means is unclear, but the discussion about immigration seems to have moved to the right in some fundamental ways. Gabriel Arana from the American Prospect will join us to talk about that shift, and also how media depictions of border crime and violence are related to this political shift. Also on CounterSpin today, when Harvard African Studies professor Henry Louis Gates published a New York Times op-ed arguing against reparations for slavery, because […]


Public TV Tilts Toward Conservatives

Brought to You By...

The U.S. Senate has been taken for a ride on public broadcasting by the same right-wing critics who have long sought to destroy any alternative to commercial broadcasting. The current attacks on public TV -- made by people who don't seem to watch the programming -- turn reality upside down. Many PBS stations air three programs every week hosted by editors who hail from the right-wing National Review: Bill Buckley's Firing Line and John McLaughlin's One on One and McLaughlin Group. PBS's weekly show on foreign affairs, American Interests, is hosted by foreign policy conservative Morton Kondracke. PBS's weekly program […]


Letters to the Editor

Israel Is Not Iran You call attention in your January 2010 issue (“NYT’s Double Standard on Nuclear Proliferation”) to the “unfair” treatment of Iran in comparison to Israel regarding the nuclear issue. You forget that Iran is a signatory to the international non-proliferation treaty. Israel is not. Neither the IAEA nor the international community can compel Israel to adhere to a treaty which it did not sign. How about hard-assing Pakistan and India on non-proliferation? The present Iranian regime wants to destroy Israel. Israel doesn’t give a damn whether Iran exists or not. Only that it should not be dangerous. […]


Act Now, Think Later in Afghanistan

Media support for 'surge' comes without a real plan

“Afghanistan cannot be saved from the Taliban by military means alone” (Boston Globe, 1/5/09), goes a common corporate media line. “Force alone will not defeat the militants,” editorialized the New York Times (11/21/08). “Troops alone won’t do that job,” wrote Time’s Mark Thompson (3/2/09). With U.S. or allied forces responsible for 39 percent of the 2,118 civilians killed in 2008 (a 40 percent increase in civilians killed from 2007), according to U.N. human rights monitors in Afghanistan (UNAMA, 1/09), it’s a rather obvious conclusion at this point—more than seven years into the war—that killing innocents at an escalating pace won’t […]


Dalliance & Double Standards

Under Hannity’s rules, conservatives’ affairs don’t count

You’re a politician who’s just been exposed for cheating on your spouse. Your political career is over, right? These days, that might depend on your politics—and your relationship with a certain right-wing cable news show. After revelations of an affair with an aide during the 2008 primaries, John Edwards’ career fell off the face of the Earth. The former Democratic presidential hopeful—who’d been talked about as a possible VP pick or as attorney general in an Obama administration—was not only shunned and condemned by Republicans and fellow Democrats alike, he also came in for harsh treatment from media figures. As […]


Official Sources May Be the Only Sources

Risen case tests reporters' power to reveal government wrongdoing

James Risen, New York Times

James Risen's supporters fear that the US Department of Justice within the self-proclaimed “most transparent administration in history” is preparing to deliver a body blow to the First Amendment’s promise of press freedom.