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Mar 14 2008

Media Hold McCain, Obama to Different Standards

Media coverage of the presidential campaign has lately been dominated by discussions of videotaped comments made by Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s pastor at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Pundits and reporters are questioning to what lengths Obama must go to distance himself from some of Wright’s more controversial remarks. This is not the first time that the press has devoted significant time to raising questions about Obama’s associations or connections with various public figures, but it is something the press seems far less interested in doing with John McCain. One example is Chicago real-estate developer Tony Rezko, […]

Feb 6 2001

Support Grows for Dissenting Pacifica Board Members

Amid a crisis that threatens the future of the Pacifica Radio Network, more than 80 prominent progressives have rallied in support of the six dissidents on the Pacifica Foundation’s board. These board members want Pacifica‘s national leadership to reverse course on its takeover of WBAI, and to “build democratic decision-making structures throughout Pacifica.” A statement supporting the dissenting board members (below) was signed by the Local Advisory Board chairs of four of Pacifica‘s five stations and by former Pacifica staffers and board members, as well as by political figures, community leaders, journalists, artists and academics. These include Dennis Brutus, Noam […]

Mar 1 1999

The Right’s ‘Race Desk’

American Enterprise Institute finds profit in prejudice

Anyone remotely familiar with conservative think tanks’ diatribes regarding such hot-button race issues as affirmative action (they’re against it), bilingual education (they’re against it), multiculturalism (they’re against it), welfare “reform” (they support it) or tougher criminal sentencing (they support it) would not be surprised by the American Enterprise Institute’s analyses of race issues in the United States. Still, even for the initiated, the ferocity of AEI’s work on race is quite breathtaking. Although the mainstream media are now deploring the overt racism of hate groups such as the Council of Conservative Citizens (see this issue of Extra!), the fact is […]

Apr 2 1998

Honoring King While Clouding His Legacy

Whether by design or a random twist of fate, President Clinton’s scheduled return to Washington from his historic Africa trip came just before the 30th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King Jr. Another laudatory statement from the White House was predictable. Like countless other politicians, Clinton often pays tribute to King — while selectively praising his legacy. But imagine the media uproar if Clinton had stepped off Air Force One and proceeded to quote some of King’s less palatable assertions. For instance, in a speech exactly one year before he was assassinated on April 4, 1968, King declared: […]

Jul 20 1994

Tobacco Wars: The First Casualty Is Candor

In the midst of an escalating media war over tobacco this summer, the cigarette industry has complained loudly about bad press. But the industry has benefitted from shoddy journalism — as key facts keep disappearing in clouds of smoke. Take the case of America Tonight, the prime-time CBS news magazine co-hosted by Deborah Norville. Tobacco companies can’t advertise on TV. But if they could, no paid ad would have as much propaganda value as the one-sided "news" segment on July 6 ridiculing Canada’s cigarette taxes. The segment — which focused on cigarette smuggling from the United States to Canada — […]