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In the Life

PBS Keeps Its Distance From Gay Programming

Once a month, In the Life broadcasts on 60 public television stations throughout the country, reaching an estimated audience of 4 million. The independently produced half-hour variety show, sponsored by New York City PBS affiliate WNET, is the nation's first nationally distributed, gay-oriented television show. In the Life began broadcasting in 1992, the culmination of more than a decade of efforts by executive producer John Scagliotti to bring programming to the country's gay population. Enthusiastic audience response attests to the show's importance to a constituency beleaguered by right-wing violence and threats. The show offers practically the only consistently positive image […]


The Media Factor Behind the 'Hillary Factor'

Hillary Clinton has become one of the most hotly debated subjects in this year's presidential campaign. The media have eagerly focused on the battle of insults, images and "values" that she symbolizes, often characterizing her as a "lightning rod" of criticism. At the Democratic National Convention, a "new" Hillary Clinton was unveiled to much media fanfare. At the Republican National Convention, attacks on the would-be First Lady reached a fever pitch when she was derided as a "radical feminist," as "anti-family" and as unduly influential in her husband's career. She has become one of the most charged issues in the […]