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Jun 1 2014

Capital Punishment

A book that takes on inequality rallies friends of the 1 Percent

Thomas Piketty, Capital

Who would have thought that the way to kick off a media discussion about inequality in the United States would be to publish an English translation of a nearly 700-page book by a French economist?

Aug 30 2012

Online News Sources

Here are some of the websites that FAIR visits most often to keep up with the news. Please note that we don’t necessarily endorse the way these sites covers the issues; some of them are worth visiting for their critical perspectives, others simply because the media outlets are particularly influential. Happy browsing!   Alternative News The Advocate. Gay news, LGBT rights and politics. AlterNet. Syndicated writings from the alternative press. The American Prospect. Liberal political magazine. Common Dreams. Breaking news and links to highlights from the day’s progressive press. CounterPunch. A monthly magazine edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair. […]

Jun 1 2010

The ‘Liberal Media’ and State Austerity

Scaring readers with right-wing research

On March 12, a front-page article in the New York Times warned that the value of the federal government’s debt, if Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security obligations are included, totals $79 trillion—yes, with a T. Less than three weeks later, another front-page Times article (3/30/10) alerted readers that states’ pension obligations to public employees tops $5 trillion. Truly shocking figures, especially when the size of the entire U.S. economy is a measly $14 trillion. These articles exemplify a trend in mainstream media discussions of budget deficits and state debt that make sensational and deeply conservative assertions about the costs of […]

Nov 1 2008

Busted Bubble

The press fell down on the job on housing prices

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons/cindy47452

Over the summer, the country’s two mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, collapsed, marking the definitive bursting of the housing bubble that began in the mid-1990s. Although it was the second major economic bubble in less than a decade, most in corporate media ignored the warning signs. Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic Policy and Research (CEPR) and author of the American Prospect blog Beat the Press, told Extra!: “It continues to be this sort of bad-event story,” with corporate media and the select group of economists on whom they rely acting as though “a hurricane came […]

May 26 2006

Aaron Glantz on Iraq, Doug Henwood on immigration

Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: George Bush cheered the new government in Iraq as “a turning point in the struggle between freedom and terror,” but the White House’s optimistic view of Iraq is meeting with some media resistance, even in mainstream outlets. Independent journalist Aaron Glantz will join us to talk about the coverage and the situation in Iraq. Also on the program: With some of the people making anti-immigration arguments these days it’s pretty clear their position rests on fear or plain old prejudice. But what about people who say they only oppose immigration because of the negative […]

Dec 13 2004

CBS, CNN Mislead on Social Security

December 13, 2004 (NOTE: Please read the update to this alert .) The debate over Social Security privatization could very well be the most important domestic story of the coming year. Unfortunately, recent media discussions of the topic are built on flawed assumptions and inaccurate information. “Social Security is in trouble,” announced CNN reporter Bruce Morton on the December 9 broadcast of NewsNight with Aaron Brown , adding: “Politicians like South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham know it.” Though that’s the starting point for the segment, the “trouble” that Social Security faces might not be nearly as bad as the “solution” […]

May 1 1999

TV on Social Security: It’s Broke, Fix It

A 13-month survey of network news coverage

If you’ve been watching the network news over the last year or two, you know that Social Security’s going broke and the only choices facing us are to cut benefits, raise taxes, push back the retirement age, or throw the system onto the mercies of the stock market. An Extra! review of more than a year’s worth of transcripts from the three major network’s nightly newscasts shows a remarkable unity of views on this issue, with the possibility that the system isn’t going broke never being entertained. The message of this remarkably one-dimensional coverage is that “historic action,” to quote […]

Mar 1 1997

Bogus Crisis, Bogus Solution

Debate on Social Security Privatization Reflects a Narrowing of Options

Democracy in America is a strange thing. Campaigns focus on trivialities, while the big issues–especially those involving lots of money–are decided by elites and presented to the public as faits accomplis. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the “debate” over Social Security reform. I’ve written here before (7-8/95) about the dubious predictions of the system’s bankruptcy—-projections that depend on estimates of economic growth over the next 75 years that are half the average of the past 75. But even if these forecasts turn out to be true, present benefit levels could be sustained with modest and temporary increases in […]