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Jul 1 1993

Bosnia Update: The Great Debate?

The aftermath of the war in Sarajevo's Grbavica, a Serb-held neighborhood. (photo: Stacey Wyzkowski/DoD)

Between April 1 and May 29, 1993, at least 40 op-ed pieces in the New York Times dealt with Bosnia and the possibility of U.S. military intervention. Most of the regular columnists were in favor: Anthony Lewis, William Safire, Leslie Geib, Anna Quindlen. A.M. Rosenthal dissented, and guest columnists were split: Sen. Dennis DeConcini (D-Ariz.), for example, wrote “Bomb the Serbs, Now” (5/18/93); Rep. Lee Hamilton (D-Ind.) came out with “Air Strikes? Not Yet” (4/24/93). The nature of the debate was reflected in the Time (5/17/93) and Newsweek (5/10/93) cover stories. Both magazines portrayed the issue as a political or […]

Oct 1 1992

Death Camps and Desert Storm Frame Bosnia Coverage

Emaciated prisoners, cattle car deportations, genocide. This summer, starting with a Newsday expose (8/2/92) based on the testimonies of two Bosnian Muslims, an extraordinary flood of emotionally charged words and pictures led the evening news, made the covers of Time and Newsweek, and dominated political commentary. From Bill Clinton to Margaret Thatcher, Anthony Lewis to Jeanne Kirkpatrick, calls to action–and to arms–gained momentum and a sense of moral imperative. As a Washington Post editorial argued (“And Now, Death Camps,” 8/5/92), the Serbs’ “Nazi-like war crimes” were the “clincher” in asserting the need to try “some sort of military option.” “The […]