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Aug 1 2012

Islamophobia, Antisemitism and the Demonized ‘Other’

Parallels among bigotries reflect the conspiratorial mindset

Salman Rushdie--Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons/David Shankbone

Republican hopeful Mitt Romney is portrayed by online bigots as a Manchurian Candidate for a secretive cabal of Mormon elites—echoing anti-Catholic conspiracy theories about John F. Kennedy being a wind-up toy for the Vatican. Meanwhile, a chain letter currently being circulated warns that the “American Government is under the command and control of…the Freemasons and Leadership of the Catholic Church.” There are right-wing websites and blogs warning that if President Barack Obama is re-elected, hordes of scheming fanatic Muslims plan to impose Sharia law and turn America into a totalitarian socialist/Nazi theocratic state. Other websites and blogs warn that Obama […]

Jun 5 2009

Fred Clarkson on Tiller murder; Adam Serwer on Sotomayor


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: There’s been a lot of coverage of the murder of Dr. George Tiller, allegedly killed by and anti-abortion activist. But there has been relatively little discussion of the culture that such violence arises from, where mainstream anti-abortion figures regularly demonize abortion providers—and we’re not just talking about Bill O’Reilly. We’ll talk to Fred Clarkson, who has been monitoring and writing about anti-abortion violence for years. Also on the show: As the vetting process of prospective Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor goes forward, Americans can be forgiven for not actually knowing very much specific about […]

Apr 21 2005

The New Pope and Journalism’s Crisis of Faith

The papacy of Benedict XVI confronts journalists with a key question: How much critical scrutiny is appropriate when a religious leader gains enormous power? So far, most American media outlets seem to be walking on eggshells to avoid tough coverage of the new pope. Caution is in the air, and some of it is valid. Anti-Catholic bigotry has a long and ugly history in the United States. News organizations should stay away from disparaging the Catholic faith, which certainly deserves as much respect as any other religion. At the same time, the Vatican is a massive global power. Though it […]

Jul 1 1995

Far-Right Militias and Anti-Abortion Violence

When Will Media See the Connection?

When the Oklahoma City bombing captured the attention of the mainstream media, some women’s rights activists expected that the attack would end mainstream media’s reluctance to report on violence against abortion-providers and other domestic terror threats. That reasonable hope was dashed. With its first reporting of the Oklahoma story, the New York Times (4/20/95) ran a list headlined “Other Bombings in America”, which spanned four decades and included some attacks that claimed no injuries or lives. But none of the 40 officially documented bombings that have targeted women’s clinics in that period was mentioned. Media investigations of where right-wing militants […]

Jan 1 1991

Extra! January/February 1991

Articles in the print edition Wanted: Voices of Peace on Nightline Election Coverage Favored Status Quo by Robert Krinsky GE Irrelevancies The Men Behind the War Lobby by Fred Clarkson Times Mirror Up from ‘Manliness’ by Doug Henwood Farm Debate Plows Under Families by Brian Ahlberg Korean War Still Unknown Phantom Soviets and Cuban Rapists A case study in disinformation Exclusive: The Lemoyne Letters by Jim Naureckas Press Loses Interest in Press Freedom by Lisa Haugaard

Nov 1 1990

Extra! November/December 1990

  Articles in the print edition Activist Alert: Save South Africa Now Chomsky Appears on Macneil/Lehrer; Western Civilization Survives The War at Homes Reconquering Lebanon by Samuel F. Hennessy The Right’s War on the Arts by Nancy Graham Air America: Facts and Fictions Rev Moon: Electronic Media Mogul by Fred Clarkson Messiah Rises, Press Sleeps Post-Bradlee Post: What Will the New Regime Bring? Left Out of the Nicaraguan Debate Patrick Buchanan, Equal Opportunity Maligner “Tuesday is Labor Day in the New York Post“ Jesse “Zelig” Jackson

Aug 1 1987

Behind the Times

Who Pulls The Strings at Washington's No. 2 Daily?

The Washington Times, the right-wing daily that bills itself as an alternative to the Washington Post, is owned and influenced by Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church. But most journalists seem unable or unwilling to consider the political implications of this fact — despite the role of Washington Times executives in the Koreagate scandal of the 1970s and the Iran-contra scandal today. Since its inception in 1982, the Washington Times has gained a circulation of about 100,000 and the endorsement of President Ronald Reagan, who reads it every day. Founding editor and publisher James Whelan resigned in July 1984, charging […]