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Jul 1 1987

Purging Politics From the Fiji Coup

Vernon Walters clip from Fiji Times

It was widely reported that the May 14 military coup in Fiji had one basic cause—ethnic rivalries between Melanesian Fijians and Indo-Fijians. A sampling of headlines: “Military Coup in Fiji Follows Racial Unrest” (Christian Science Monitor, 5/15/87); “Coup in Fiji: Rising Tide of Nationalism” (International Herald Tribune, 5/22/87); “A Bloodless Coup Reveals Ethnic Tensions in a Tropical Land” (Time, 5/25/87). But another factor was hardly alluded to by the US media: the antinuclear policies of the government overthrown by the military. The fact that Fiji’s elected government had opposed US nuclear policy in the region was reported before the coup, […]