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Oct 1 2007

Protecting the ‘Surge’ With War ‘Critics’

When Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, came back to Washington in September to defend the current troop escalation, his path was smoothed in the media by two unlikely “critics.” On July 30, Michael O’Hanlon and Ken Pollack of the Brookings Institution penned a New York Times op-ed headlined “A War We Just Might Win.” Two long-time advocates of the Iraq War declaring that they still support the war might not seem particularly newsworthy; but many U.S. media outlets presented the pair as war critics who had come to reconsider their opposition, and as a clear sign […]

Sep 1 2007

The Poor Will Always Be With Us–Just Not on the TV News

FAIR Study

The PDF version of the study is available here. According to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data, 37 million Americans—one in eight—lived below the federal poverty line in 2005, defined as an annual income of $19,971 for a family of four. Yet poverty touches a far greater share of the population over the course of their lives: A 1997 study by University of Michigan economist Rebecca Blank found that one-third of all U.S. residents will experience government-defined poverty within a 13-year period. The poorest age group is children, with more than one in six living in official poverty at […]