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Jun 1 2002

Hannity to Guests: Shut Up

Being the host of a show confers certain advantages in debate; for one thing, if you don’t like what your opponent is saying, you can always get the show’s engineers to turn off his or her microphone. Sean Hannity, the right-wing co-host of Fox News Channel‘s Hannity & Colmes, is well aware of this power, and has used it or threatened to use it several times. On October 20, 1999, Hannity interviewed African-American football legend Mercury Morris. When the conversation turned heated, Hannity warned: “All right, if we have to, we’ll turn your mike down. That’s the next step.” When […]

Aug 2 2000

FAIR Letter to CPJ on RTS Bombing

August 2, 2000 Ms. Ann Cooper Executive Director Committee to Protect Journalists 330 Seventh Avenue New York, NY 10001   Dear Ms. Cooper,   As longtime supporters of the Committee to Protect Journalists’ mission of defending press freedom worldwide, we are writing to express our disappointment that CPJ chose to exclude the 16 employees of Radio-Television Serbia (RTS) killed by NATO in April 1999 from its annual list of journalists murdered because of their work. While CPJ protested the RTS bombing in an April 23, 1999, letter to NATO secretary general Javier Solana, the committee chose not to include the […]

Mar 6 2000

There They Go Again: The Washington Post’s Iraq Tall Tale

Since January 1999, the Washington Post has spun a tall tale about the 1998 collapse of U.N. weapons inspections in Iraq and the U.S./British airstrikes that followed. Not only has the Post rewritten Iraqi history, but the paper’s new version of events contradicts its own coverage from the time of the airstrikes. Despite running several letters to the editor pointing out the mistake, the paper has repeated the error again and again. How many times can one newspaper get the same fact wrong? The story centers on the Iraq crisis that broke out on December 16, 1998. Richard Butler, head […]

Sep 1 1999

Retaliating in Advance

U.S. reports reverse chronology of Israeli airstrikes on Lebanon

On June 24, Israeli air raids on Lebanon killed at least nine Lebanese civilians and destroyed major bridges and power plants, plunging much of the country into darkness. In retaliatory strikes by the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah against northern Israel, two Israeli civilians were also killed. This was by far the most intense violence between Israel and Lebanon since 1996. Coverage of these events in the American media avoided the main issues defining the conflict, distorted the facts and focused almost exclusively on the suffering and anxiety of Israelis. Even the most minimal context for this extraordinary bout of violence […]