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Oct 01 2007


Time Reporter’s Genius Fails Him You can’t expect much from a story about undervaluing intelligence that starts by noting that a 14-year-old girl “has the looks of a South American model.” Time‘s “Are We Failing Our Geniuses?” lives down to that beginning, with reporter John Cloud (best known for his defense of Ann Coulter–Time, 6/9/06) offering a polemic on how America is spending too much on the wrong kids. Noting that schools spend $8 billion on the mentally disabled vs. a “generous calculation” of $800 million on gifted programs, he writes, “It can’t make sense to spend 10 times as […]

Oct 01 2006

Are You on the NewsHour’s Guestlist?

PBS flagship news show fails public mission

PBS flagship news show fails public missionIn 2005, Kenneth Tomlinson, chair of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting—and thus the person in charge of disbursing federal public broadcasting funds—sparked controversy with his aggressive push to move PBS and NPR to the right. In a series of public statements, Tomlinson, armed with a dubious study of PBS shows he commissioned from a right-wing ideologue, charged public broadcasting programming with harboring a liberal bias (Extra!, 9-10/05). The study—which, among other things, classified conservative Republicans Sen. Chuck Hagel and former Rep. Bob Barr as “liberals” (Washington Post, 7/1/05)—was primarily an attack on the program […]