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Aug 30 2012

FAIR in the News

FAIR in the News On Coverage of Iraq …concerns about efforts by mainstream news media organizations to downplay public interest in the crises in the Middle East and the war in Iraq in particular are well founded according to Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), the nation’s most prominent media watchdog group. A FAIR Media Advisory dated 12/19/07 is titled “War Is Over–Say the Pundits: But it’s media, not voters, who seem to have lost interest in Iraq.” FAIR reports that, “To hear many in the mainstream media tell it, the Iraq War is of diminishing importance to American voters. […]

Apr 20 2009

Index: A

—————— Aarons, Leroy Beyond balance: thorough coverage of gay controversies is still the exception (Ott), 1-2/02;27 Abbas, Mahmoud Nixed signals [when Hamas hinted at peace, U.S. media didn’t take the message] (Ackerman), 9-10/06;10 ABC. see also Nightline ABC does “something useful” [programs on poor children], 11-12/91;19 ABC erased protesters [at the Oscars], 6/99up;3 ABC News goes for the gold, 9/92;16 ABC’s 1984 cover-up for the gipper, 3-4/90;15 ABC’s antiwar “reality check”: world news tonight minimizes support for withdrawal (Hart and Naureckas), 10/05up;4 ABC’s military analyst calls for “excessive force”: CSIS’s cordesman advocates brutality against Palestinians (Ackerman), 1-2/01;23 ABC’s one-color TV, […]

Feb 01 2008

Money Is the Real Green Power:

The hoax of eco-friendly nuclear energy

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons/EnvironmentBlog

The hoax of eco-friendly nuclear energyNuclear advocates in government and the nuclear industry are engaged in a massive, heavily financed drive to revive atomic power in the United States—with most of the mainstream media either not questioning or actually assisting in the promotion. “With a very few notable exceptions, such as the Los Angeles Times, the U.S. media have turned the same sort of blind, uncritical eye on the nuclear industry’s claims that led an earlier generation of Americans to believe atomic energy would be too cheap to meter,” comments Michael Mariotte, executive director of the Nuclear Information and Resource […]

Mar 01 1997

The Media and the Menopause Industry

Advertising has muted dangers of estrogen therapy

Advertising has muted dangers of estrogen therapyYou don’t get product ads unless you praise the product. –Gloria Steinem, founding editor of Ms. In his book Adverse Reactions, Thomas Maeder recalls the philosophy of Harry Loynd, an old-time president of Parke-Davis who was legendarily blunt. Loynd’s oft-repeated motto was “Pills are to sell, not to take.” He regarded physicians as extremely gullible, and lectured his staff, “If we put horse manure in a capsule we could sell it to 95 percent of these doctors.” Were he still among us, Loynd might have a great giggle over the fact that Wyeth-Ayerst’s 50-year-old […]

Jan 01 1995

Haitian Women Are Out of Frame

And Their Abusers Are Out of Sight

And Their Abusers Are Out of SightWhen President Clinton sat down in front of U.S. television cameras to explain “why the U.S. is leading the international effort to restore democratic government in Haiti” (10/16/94), he emphasized the violation of Haitian women’s human rights. “International observers uncovered a terrifying pattern of soldiers and policemen raping the wives and daughters of suspected political dissidents,” Clinton said, “young girls, 13, 16 years old…children forced to watch as their mothers’ faces are slashed with machetes.” In Haiti and in the United States, there was hope that these words would translate into action. But a […]

Sep 01 1991

Extra! September/October 1991

  Articles in the print edition B.C.C.I.: The Scandals Behind the Scandal by Martin A. Lee Bush, Syria And The Hostages When will the press follow the trail by Jane Hunter Junior Scholastic Lite News for Students by Jane Schirmer Multicultural Curriculum The monoculture strikes back by Chris Atwell Media Rape Education by Puala Kamen and Steve Rhodes Saturday Morning TV: No Girls Allowed by Anne Bryant Doctors Say Food Ads Unhealthy for Kids Taking Offense at America’s Defense Monitor Buthelezei Boosterism Civil Rights as “Quotas” Letting Bush confuse the issues by Lionel McPherson PBS: “Send Us Your Black Republicans, […]

Jul 01 1991

Extra! July/August 1991

Articles in the print edition The Op-Ed Assault Gays Bring PBS Out of the Closet by Chris Bull FAIR to Congress: Give the Public Access to Airwaves by Jeff Cohen Hunger in Africa A story untold until too late by Jane Hunter and Steve Askin Africa Reporting Through the Years by Africa News Buthelezei: Apartheid Opponent or Client? by Dorothee Benz Reader’s Digest Condenses Africa A continent reduced to right-wing cliches by John Summa Public Service, Private ideologies Non-profit commercials are selling the status quo by Steve Rhodes Free of Which Drugs? Re-PUBLIC-an Service Announcements In Daily News Strike’s Aftermath…Journalists […]