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Jun 26 2015

Washington Post Reserves Dignity in Death for Some Women

Washington Post: As women keep washing up dead, Ohio town fears a serial killer is on the loose

How do you know that the women whose murders the Washington Post is reporting were sex workers or dealing with substance abuse?

Jun 19 2015

Kevin Zeese on Fast Track Activism, Wenonah Hauter on Fracking Study

Stop the TPP (photo: John Zangas)

It hasn’t been probing media coverage that’s roughened the road for the corporate power grab known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership; public interest activism is the missing piece in much top-down media coverage. Plus: To hear media tell it, the EPA found that fracking doesn’t pose any widespread harm to drinking water. Is that really what the science said?

Jun 08 2015

For AP, Being Shot by a Cop Makes You a Suspect

Police officer Eric Casebolt pinning a 15-year-old girl (video still: Brandon Brooks)

“Incidents involving white law enforcement and black suspects have raised concerns across the US,” writes the Associated Press.
But the “incidents” raising concerns have not involved black “suspects.”

Feb 13 2015

James Henry on HSBC, Mary Bottari on Scott Walker


HSBC is a recidivist criminal actor, so how exactly is it still the second-biggest commercial bank in the world? Plus: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget called for the evisceration of the central philosophy guiding the state’s university system.

Oct 01 2014

‘The Black Voice Is in Jeopardy’

Malkia Cyril on Ferguson

Malkia Cyril, Center for Media Justice, Ferguson

The Internet—as a platform, as a vehicle for voice in black communities—has become one of the most powerful ways to bypass the exclusionary and discriminatory mainstream media.

Jul 01 2014

Extra! July/August 2014

Extra! July 2014

Articles Available Only to Subscribers: SoundBites Who Gets to Speak on Cable News The identity of the whitest, malest show we found may surprise you by Peter Hart Spinning Away Israel ‘Gaffes’ Damage control for Christie and Kerry’s inadvertent honesty by Alex Kane White, White Don’t Tell Me NPR’s bumbling attempts at diversity by Josmar Trujillo Study Confirms Our Wealth-Controlled Politics News suppressed by our wealth-controlled media by Steve Rendall and Janine Jackson It Will be Facebook’s Virtual World Will we just live–and work– in it? by J.F. Sargent

Feb 01 2014

Public Sector Workers Are ‘the Easiest Kid to Pick On’

Dean Baker on Detroit bankruptcy

"Its main industry was the auto industry...and that's been on a decades-long downward path which has been to a large extent the result of national policy."

Economist Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, told CounterSpin’s Janine Jackson that we shouldn’t believe the hype we’re hearing about the causes of Detroit’s problems, and we should pay extremely close attention to what’s being sold as the solution.

Nov 01 2013

COUNTERSPIN INTERVIEW: ‘The People Who Saw Their Dreams Exploding Are Blamed for This Crisis’

Laura Gottesdiener on Foreclosures

Anti-foreclosure activism, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. (cc photo: Michael Premo)

CounterSpin’s Janine Jackson talked to Laura Gottesdiener, author of A Dream Foreclosed: Black America and the Fight for a Place to Call Home, a new book that brings the foreclosure crisis into vivid focus.