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Dec 31 2015

Best of CounterSpin 2015

Highlights of interviews with Keane Bhatt, Jim Naureckas, Carlos Miller, Felicia Kornbluh, Dean Spade and Laura Flanders

Janine Jackson

Selections from interviews from the year just gone that illustrate the practices and policies of elite news media that make it an unlikely arena for a full, vital debate on issues that matter.

Dec 12 2015

Credulous Reporting of Deceptive Propaganda Made Planned Parenthood Attack Inevitable

David Daleiden (image: Fox News)

it’s no surprise that the Planned Parenthood videos used the same bag of tricks that James O’Keefe had employed to such success: deceptive editing, false framing, misrepresented visuals. And it’s also not a surprise that corporate media—concerned about seeming “clueless” but even more worried about appearing “partisan”—gave plentiful newshole to their claims,

Dec 7 2015

‘How Do We Move Past a Fossil Fuel-Powered World?’

CounterSpin interview with Janet Redman on climate conference activism

Janet Redman

“Climate change impacts all of us. It impacts both the poorest of us and the wealthiest of us in multiple aspects of our lives: from where we can live to the food we have access to, our safety in our homes and our communities.”

Dec 6 2015

‘Targets Have Very Different Values in the US Media System’

CounterSpin interview with Jim Naureckas on ISIS Attacks

Jim Naureckas (photo: Janine Jackson)

“It was very striking, when we went back and looked at the coverage, how the media were blaming Russia for having ISIS blow up one of its planes.”

Aug 30 2012

Staff Biographies


FAIR staff are available for speaking engagements on a variety of key media issues. To contact by email: use first initial (no space) last Janine Jackson Program Director and CounterSpin Producer/Host Janine Jackson is FAIR’s program director and and producer/host of FAIR’s syndicated radio show CounterSpin. She contributes frequently to FAIR’s newsletter Extra!, and co-edited The FAIR Reader: An Extra! Review of Press and Politics in the ’90s (Westview Press). She has appeared on ABC‘s Nightline and CNN Headline News, among other outlets, and has testified to the Senate Communications Subcommittee on budget reauthorization for the Corporation for Public […]

Aug 30 2012

Recommended Reading

Note: FAIR encourages readers to support their local independent booksellers. However, if books mentioned on our site are not available in your area, we offer the ability to purchase some books online in association with the book’s publisher, and Powell’s Books. Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women By Susan Faludi (Crown, 1991) An in-depth, well-documented analysis of the media backlash against feminism. By Invitation Only: How the Media Limit Public DebateBy David Croteau and William Hoynes (Common Courage, 1994) Incorporates Croteau and Hoynes’ classic studies of Nightline, the NewsHour and PBS that document the establishment bias of "prestige" television. […]

Apr 1 2006

MSNBC and the Illegal T-shirt

There was a story the night of the State of the Union address (1/31/06) that may have said more about the actual state of the union than anything in George W. Bush’s speech. Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan was in the public gallery, a guest of Rep. Lynn Woolsey. When Sheehan sat down and unzipped her jacket, a Capitol Hill police officer noticed that her T-shirt read, “2,245 Dead. How Many More?”—a reference to the number of U.S. fighters killed in Iraq, one of whom was Sheehan’s son Casey. Accounts differ at this point; Sheehan reports that the officer yelled “protester!” […]

May 1 1996

It’s the Mexicans, Stupid

The Phony Populism of Pat Buchanan

Patrick Buchanan’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination presented the establishment media with a dilemma: How do you present someone as an extremist when you’ve employed him as an opinion-shaper for many years? The need for most media to label Buchanan as out of the mainstream may not stem from his well-documented record of bigotry and intolerance. After all, Buchanan had much the same record in 1992, when he contested George Bush’s presidential bid, but there were fewer descriptions of Buchanan as an “extremist” then. It wasn’t until 1996 when Buchanan made opposition to NAFTA a centerpiece of his campaign, […]