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May 22 2015

Ira Glass Clarifies That Public Radio Is Ready for the GOOD Kind of Capitalism

Ira Glass at Hearing Is Believing (photo: Mattew Septimus/NPR)

“My hope is that we can move away from a model of asking listeners for money and join the free market,” host of public radio’s This American Life Ira Glass declared last month: “Public radio is ready for capitalism.”

Feb 06 2015

USA Today Responds: 'Criticizing Violent Islamists Does Not Tarnish All Muslims'

Brian Gallagher, the editor of USA Today‘s editorial page, writes to those who responded to his paper’s February 2 cartoon (FAIR Blog, 2/3/15): Dear readers, I rarely respond to letter-writing campaigns, but I’ll take a moment to respond to this one because I think that FAIR’s glib analysis of the editorial cartoon published recently in USA Today is so reflexively unthoughtful that it undermines the goal we share: to fight Islamophobia. I imagine many of you are unfamiliar with what we’ve said on the issue, and therefore vulnerable to false suppositions, but our history on the subject is extensive and […]

Jan 16 2015

Laura Carlsen on Mexican Violence, Jim Naureckas on ‘Selma’

Martin Luther King and Lyndon Johnson in 'Selma'

We’ll talk about Coverage of the recent state visit from Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, the desaparacidos and the nature of violence in Mexico. Plus: What high-profile criticisms of the movie ‘Selma’ say about the critics.

Jan 12 2015

Extra! January/February 2015

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Oct 08 2014

Public TV: Where the One Percent Rule

Corporate sector overwhelmingly dominates public TV governing boards

A recent essay in Harper’s (10/14) roiled the waters at PBS by arguing that public television is too often geared towards serving the “aging upper class: their tastes, their pet agendas, their centrist politics.” Perhaps that’s no surprise. A new FAIR study finds that the trustees of major public television stations are overwhelmingly drawn from the corporate sector. Out of 182 trustees surveyed on five station boards, 152–or 84 percent–have corporate backgrounds. Among these corporate-affiliated members, 138 are executives at elite businesses, while another 14 appear to be trustees because of their families’ corporate-derived wealth. Seventy-five of the corporate-affiliated trustees […]

Sep 01 2014

At Elite Media, ‘Scientific’ Racists Fit in Fine

Nicholas Wade’s NYT science writing thrilled white supremacists

Farmers in Ghana

Nicholas Wade’s embrace of the pseudoscience of eugenics raises questions about his tenure at the New York Times, and about corporate media vigilance when it comes to racism.

Feb 05 2014

Extra! February 2014

Extra! cover, February 2014

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Jan 02 2014

Extra! January 2014

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