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Jul 21 2015

Mental Illness Doesn’t Explain Mass Violence–but Neither Does ‘Islamic Extremism’

Anderson Cooper asks Gary Tuchman about Chattanooga violence

It’s true, as CNN’s Anderson Cooper says, that most depressed people, and people with mental illness in general, will never hurt anyone. But it’s just as true that religious beliefs–“extremist” or otherwise–don’t “lead most people to kill other people.”

Sep 1 2004

Extra! September/October 2004

Articles in the print edition If Only They Had Invented the Internet By Jim Naureckas The Trial Lawyer Rap By Peter Hart News For the White & Wealthy by James Owens & Scott Sanders Media Mind-Readers By Sam Husseini Is “Indecency” Harmful to Minors? By Judith Levine Spinning The Bomb By Karl Grossman

Jan 1 1993

Zuckerman Unbound

A Developer/Publisher Brings His Influence to the Daily News

Juan Gonzalez, a columnist for the New York Daily News when the paper was bought by real estate developer/publisher Mort Zuckerman, wrote an angry column about the purchase that never appeared in his paper (New York Newsday, 12/2/92). It began with the words, “Some people never get accustomed to having a bully’s foot on their back without trying to shove it back in their mouth.” Though not all his potential employees were that outspoken, journalists had grounds to be resentful about Zuckerman’s takeover of the Daily News. As Extra! went to press, conflicts with major unions at the paper had […]