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Jan 1 1994

When ‘Both Sides’ Aren’t Enough

The Restricted Debate Over Healthcare Reform


Journalists pride themselves on presenting “both sides” of a story. But if establishment media can decide which positions get to take part in debate, then telling “both sides” may be a way of keeping news consumers on the outside.

Nov 1 1993

October Reprisals

Investigators of alleged Iran deal face smears, legal threats

Robert Parry

The debate over the “October Surprise” has embroiled some of the country’s most prominent journalists–none more deeply then Robert Parry and Steve Emerson. In the latest skirmish, Emerson has threatened to sue Parry–and Parry has produced documents showing that Emerson made false statements in his efforts to discredit Parry’s reporting. As previously reported in Extra!, Emerson for nearly two years has vigorously tried to debunk the “October Surprise,” the allegation that the 1980 Reagan campaign cut a deal with Iran to keep U.S. hostages until after the election. Following publication of a House Foreign Affairs Committee Task Force report on […]