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Oct 1 1993

Happily Ever NAFTA?

Economics 101

In the Jan./Feb. 1993 issue of Extra!, writers John Summa and Patrice Greanville reported that news coverage of NAFTA had a pronounced pro-“free trade” slant, promoting the views of government and business groups who support NAFTA. Critics of the pact, like environmentalists and labor unions who warned that the pact could have negative effects on the U.S., Mexico and Canada, had much less access to the debate. Lately, however, the mainstream press has featured claims that NAFTA foes are actually dominating the discussion: Washington Post columnist Hobart Rowen (5/9/93) complained that “most of the voices being heard on the trade […]

Sep 1 1993

Petroleum Broadcasting Service?

Big Oil Keeps Its Eye on 'The Prize'

In The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power, the eight-part series which aired in January 1993, PBS promised to reveal the real history of petroleum politics. But despite its impressive scope, and the wealth of archival film footage, the series is little more than an official oil company history with high production values. The eight-hour series purports to explore “the struggle for wealth and power that has always surrounded oil,” but as it moves from oil’s discovery to its place in the present age, the interpretations of Big Oil’s behavior become increasingly benign. The one-sided approach is […]