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Oct 28 2015

Buckraking on the Food Beat: When Is It a Conflict of Interest?

Roundup (photo: Charles Platiau/Reuters)

In an age of shrinking newspaper budgets, it’s common for editors to rely on freelance writers–and for freelancers to add to their incomes with side projects. But is it a conflict of interest for a columnist who covers food and agriculture to take money from agrichemical industry interest groups? The issue arose in a September 23 Washington Post chat, when a reader noted an article about the funding of GMO experts, and asked Post food columnist Tamar Haspel to speak to the issue of who pays what for her services. Haspel replied: I speak and moderate panels and debates often, […]

Mar 1 2014

Imaginary Organisms

Media tout benefits of GMOs that never were

As it turned, out, this rice couldn’t save any kids—its Vitamin A content wasn’t high enough.

Media often tout ‘breakthroughs’ in genetic modification that don’t turn out to be breakthroughs at all.