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Feb 1 2012

The Colonial Roots of Media’s Racial Narratives

‘Sculking Indians’ and ‘rebellious negroes’

News For All The People--Photo Credit: Verso Books

Colonial printers, as we would expect, reported domestic events entirely from the perspective of the European settlers who were their only readers. They did, however, devote considerable space to two groups of non-Europeans who warily coexisted in the New World with the settlers: the Native American tribes and African slaves. The lone edition of Benjamin Harris’ Publick Occurrences (commonly regarded as the first newspaper in the New World, with a publication date of September 25, 1690), contained five separate news items about the Native population in just three pages of text. In one entry, Harris wrote of two white children […]

Dec 23 2011

Joe Torres on News for All the People, Amy Alexander on Uncovering Race


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin, a special look at race and people of color in U.S. journalism. Told quickly it’s a story about under representation and exclusion, of bias… and of breakthroughs. And all along, recognition that the stories news media tell us about the world and one another are a tremendous shaping force on the state of racial and ethnic understanding and the advance of social justice. We’ll hear from Joseph Torres of the group Free Press, co-author with Juan Gonzalez of a new book called News for All the People: The Epic Story of Race and the […]