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Nov 01 2006

Imperial Projection

Fearing Chávez’s carrot, ignoring Bush’s stick

Fearing Chávez’s carrot, ignoring Bush’s stickThe horror with which U.S. television personalities and newspaper columnists have responded to the Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s skewering of George W. Bush at the United Nations is just the latest in a long series of media portrayals of Chávez as a destabilizing force in the hemisphere. While op-ed pages scarcely mention the Bush administration’s continued interference in the internal affairs of Latin American countries, they regularly proffer unsubstantiated claims of meddling by Chávez, failing to recognize the hypocrisy of their selective indignation. Ironically, the op-ed pages’ accusations of international meddling by the Chávez government […]

Nov 01 2004

Extra! November/December 2004

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