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Aug 30 2012

FAIR’s Media Activism Kit

Contents Inside this kit you will find “how-to” guides for identifying, documenting and challenging inaccurate or unfair news coverage, along with information about how to promote independent media. Challenging mainstream media and building independent media are equally important components of media activism. Long-term community pressure and grassroots action are key to media reform. We encourage you to photocopy individual pages for use in organizational meetings, educational forums, mailings to your members that urge media action, or any other useful situation. We hope that this packet will help you fight unfair coverage of your issues and communities, and win greater access […]

Jul 01 1994

A Hell of a Nice Murderer:

Double Standards in Domestic Violence Coverage

Double Standards in Domestic Violence CoverageTired of reporting fraught with double standards and a blame-the-victim mentality, a coalition of women’s rights advocates in San Francisco decided to study daily press coverage of violence against women. Barbara Johnson, an independent media critic who frequently works with FAIR, conducted an eight-month study of the San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner‘s coverage of domestic violence cases that resulted in death. The survey documented that “many myths about domestic violence are perpetrated in news reports” and that most reporting focuses only on the most sensational details. One disturbing pattern uncovered was that white […]

Mar 01 1994

Extra! March/April 1994

Articles in the print edition What’s Behind the Twentysomething “Movement”? By Miles Seligman & Aimee Strasko Girls in Gangs “Violent Equality” or media Hype? By Meda Chesney-Lind The “Crisis” of Teen Pregnancy Girls Pay the Price for Media Distortion By Janine Jackson Covering Gay Youth From Invisibility to Trendiness to Respect By Matt Marco Who’s Failing Whom? Media Coverage of Public Education By Robin Templeton Selling “Power” to the Powerless How Cigarette Ads Target Youth By Mark Crispin Miller We Cannot Wait The Importance of Youth-Produced Media By Samir B. Vural Turning the Camera Around Young People Make Movies By […]