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Interlocking Directorates

Interlocking Directorates Media corporations share members of the board of directors with a variety of other large corporations, including banks, investment companies, oil companies, health care and pharmaceutical companies and technology companies. This list shows board interlocks for the following major media interests: ABC/Disney | NBC/GE | CBS/Viacom | CNN/TimeWarner | Fox/News Corp. | New York Times Co.Washington Post/Newsweek | Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones | Tribune Co. | Gannett | Knight-Ridder ABC/Disney See the board of directors Boeing Casella Waste Systems CB Richard Ellis Services City National Bank Columbia/HCA Healthcare Doubleclick Edison International FedEx Jenny Craig LM Institutional Fund Advisors […]


Solid Ratings Don’t Protect Progressive Radio Voices

Are 'controversial' and 'mean-spirited' code words for 'left'?

Commercial talk radio, like television punditry, is politically lopsided, dominated by the likes of Dr. Laura Schlesinger and Rush Limbaugh. The airspace for voices that tackle political issues from a progressive perspective even seems to be shrinking; two progressive shows–Pat Thurston of Santa Rosa, Calif., and Chicago’s Mike Malloy–were canceled earlier this year. The February 15 firing of Pat Thurston by Santa Rosa’s KSRO sparked protest rallies and letters to the local paper lamenting the loss of “the voice of Sonoma County” and “the only widely accessible interactive debate on local issues” (Press Democrat, 2/17/00; 2/27/00). Project Censored’s Peter Phillips […]


Letters to the Editor

In your piece, “How Seventeen Undermines Young Women” (Extra!, 1-2/93), Kimberly Phillips set out with a thesis and then searched for the facts to support it. Yes, we are a commercially supported magazine, and it is my supposition that Kimberly’s objection to our fashion and beauty stories is that concern with appearance is damaging to women. Yet experimenting with your appearance is one of the ways in which adolescents separate from their parents, and it’s important. Further, fashion, like music, politics, sex, work and health (all of which we regularly cover) is something that many young women are interested in, […]


How Seventeen Undermines Young Women

Harvard professor Carol Gilligan, studying the psychological development of teenage girls in 1988, found that they experience a major drop in self-esteem as they reach adolescence. Only 29 percent of teenage girls said that they “felt happy the way I am,” as opposed to 60 percent of nine-year-old girls. Gilligan suggests that this adolescent crisis in confidence is due to the conflict between the image that a girl has of herself and what society tells her a woman should be like. Seventeen, the most widely read magazine among teenage girls in the United States, claims to “encourage independence” and help […]


Counterspin No. 17: October 28, 1992

A Memo on Campaign Coverage From FAIR

POLLS, PERSONALITIES, AND PRIORITIES: The Sunday, Oct. 25, issue of the Washington Post is a good example of what’s been wrong with mainstream election coverage this year. The lead story is a typical horserace article: “Presidential Race Looks Narrower.” Next to that was an examination of Clinton’s personality: “What Kind of President? On Clinton’s Inner Steel, Candor and Conciliation, the Evidence is Conflicting.” And, below that, a story about Ross Perot’s campaign strategy: “Perot Card’s Wild in Game With New Rules.” But a report of newly released documents showing that James Baker had pushed for loans to Iraq, despite warnings […]