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Jul 1 1992

‘The Loudest Silence Ever Heard’

Black Conservatives in the Media

I often felt that the media assumed that, to be black, one had to espouse leftist ideas and Democratic politics. Any black who deviated from the ideological litany of requisites was an oddity and was to be cut from the herd and attacked…. There was, indeed, in my view, a complicity and penchant on the part of the media to disseminate indiscriminately whatever negative news there was about black conservatives and ignore or bury the positive news…. They could smirk at us black conservatives because they felt we had no real political or economic support. -Clarence Thomas, from a 1987 […]

Sep 1 1991

Extra! September/October 1991

  Articles in the print edition B.C.C.I.: The Scandals Behind the Scandal by Martin A. Lee Bush, Syria And The Hostages When will the press follow the trail by Jane Hunter Junior Scholastic Lite News for Students by Jane Schirmer Multicultural Curriculum The monoculture strikes back by Chris Atwell Media Rape Education by Puala Kamen and Steve Rhodes Saturday Morning TV: No Girls Allowed by Anne Bryant Doctors Say Food Ads Unhealthy for Kids Taking Offense at America’s Defense Monitor Buthelezei Boosterism Civil Rights as “Quotas” Letting Bush confuse the issues by Lionel McPherson PBS: “Send Us Your Black Republicans, […]