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Dec 1 2013

Immigration’s Imaginary ‘Open Sesame’

Right-wing media’s incredible fear of asylum seekers

Mexican soldiers (cc photo: LWY)

According to right-wing media outlets, the latest immigration threat comes in the form of a “flood” of asylum seekers at the US/Mexico border.

Jul 5 2013

Maegan Ortiz on Immigration ‘Reform,’ Horace Campbell on Obama’s Africa Trip


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: An immigration reform bill passed the Senate and is headed for the House, but after its trip through the political machinery, does it look at all like what immigrant communities might’ve hoped for?  We’ll hear from journalist Maegan Ortiz, publisher of Also this week: The message of Obama’s trip to Africa was trade not aid, and bringing more electricity to countries that desperately need it. But what does such rhetoric conceal about U.S. Africa policy? We’ll speak with Syracuse professor Horace Campbell. LINKS: —VivirLatino -“Obama in Africa,” by Horace Campbell (CounterPunch, 6/26/13) Subscribe: […]

Feb 1 2013

Maegan Ortiz on Immigration Reform; Will Potter on ‘Ag Gag’ laws


This week on CounterSpin: Suddenly Washington is buzzing about comprehensive immigration reform. Republican opposition appears to be softening, and reporters seem downright relieved that the two parties might come together and get something done. But what do we know about the proposals being discussed? And who’s being left out of the discussion? We’ll ask journalist Maegan Ortiz of vivirlatino.

Also on CounterSpin today, the public’s right to know takes a beating from new laws known as agriculture gag laws or “ag gag” laws, that are cropping up in states across the country. The laws attempt to stop activists and journalists from documenting the treatment of farm-animals, and are part of a larger campaign to criminalize and demonize activists. We’ll talk to journalist Will Potter about how Green is the New Red.

Jan 1 2013

Talking About–but Not With–Latino Voters

Electoral power not matched by media presence

Maria Teresa Kumar, a rare out-of-house Latina appearance on TV.
Source: MSNBC's News Nation

The Latino vote has been widely credited in the mainstream news media with playing a major role in securing Barack Obama’s re-election. According to the polling organization Latino Decisions, the president won 75 percent of the Latino vote, compared with 23 percent for Romney, a 3-to-1 margin (Foreign Affairs, 11/15/12). But while the stereotypical sleeping giant woke up, that does not mean that the mainstream media, especially television news shows, wanted to talk with the Latino electorate. They just wanted to talk about them. Extra! looked at hundreds of transcripts of post-election coverage and found that the majority of both […]

Sep 1 2012

Latinos in New Media

On the verge of a breakthrough--or breakdown

Blabbeando's Andres Duque--Photo Credit: Blabbeando

For many Latinos, the growth of new media offered hope for both expanded representation and democratization in the truest sense of the word. It was not enough for this growing demographic in the United States to be written about and reported on. Latinos, who defy simplistic labels and check boxes, wanted to represent themselves and their experiences, something they were not getting to do prior to the boom of blogs. This is no small matter among one of the fastest growing demographics in the United States, 52 million and rising (U.S. Census, 5/12). For Latinos, both the formally trained journalists […]