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Apr 1 1992

Innocent Americans, Predatory Asians

Reporting on Japan Will Live in Infamy

The complex relationship between the United States and Japan lends itself to mutual distrust. For Japan, the scars left by 1853 (when U.S. gunships forced Japan to allow U.S. trade access), the turn-of-the century “yellow peril” bigotry, and the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are deep and enduring. For the U.S., where memories of Pearl Harbor are still painful, the relationship has recently become more difficult, as the U.S. recession deepens and Japanese politicians disparage the United States. The situation is only worsened when U.S. media substitute facile xenophobic notions for clear-eyed analysis. The recent 50th anniversary of […]

Nov 1 1991

Uncritical Coverage of the ‘2nd Russian Revolution’

The enormous press coverage generated by the recent coup attempt in the Soviet Union soon resolved itself into several recurring themes: the lionization of Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin that obscured his troubling political history; a misrepresentation of the history of the Baltic states coupled with a shallow explanation of resurgent nationalism in the Baltic nations and the Soviet republics; an uncritical overreliance on conservatives as experts on the Soviet Union; and a wholehearted embrace of U.S.-style capitalism and George Bush. THE LIONIZATION OF BORIS YELTSIN The press’ uncritical promotion of Yeltsin led it to dismiss troubling aspects of his […]

Jul 1 1990

Extra! July/August 1990

Articles in the print edition PBS Blues Ex-DEA Agent Calls Drug War a ‘Fraud’ by Martin A. Lee Media on Peru Turning Counterinsurgency into “Drug War” by Margaret Quigley The New Republic: The Center as Left by Dennis Perrin A Program-by-Program Guise to TV’s Political Spectrum Press Distortions in the Battle over Abortion The Environmental Press A Green Alternative by Dick Russell Censored Story: Bush Campaign Cover-up SoundBites Gorbymania Back in the U.S.S.R.? Women Talkshow Hosts AN ENDANGERED SPECIES? by Jennifer Rappaport

May 1 1990

The Antisemitic Roots of Eastern European Nationalism

Romanian fascist leader (Holocaust Encyclopedia)

Press coverage of the dramatic changes in Eastern Europe in late 1989 and early 1990 has failed to provide adequate context concerning the antisemitic and fascist currents in Eastern European nationalism.