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Sep 1 2013

Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom

A deeply flawed yet riveting lament for the news

It isn’t news to those of us interested in knowing about the world that American journalism is in crisis. With The Newsroom and its dramatic condemnation of the state of news, HBO is jumping into the center of an industry storm, and what it portrays as a national disgrace. Though Newsroom could have focused on newspapers—arguably the medium hardest hit by industry trends—or the Internet or alternative media, the program spotlights television and often fingers the medium itself, with its entertainment obsessions, as a main culprit. Ironically, the show’s creator is long-time film and TV entertainment pro Aaron Sorkin. Amid […]

Aug 1 2009

Ineffective–Or Illegal and Unjust?

Cuba embargo opposed as well-intentioned mistake

The handclasp between U.S. President Barack Obama and Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez at the Summit of the Americas grabbed U.S. media attention in April. But at the summit itself, there was a more pressing issue: the U.S.’s nearly 50-year-old embargo against Cuba. Before the meeting, Obama had made some moves to ease its impact, including lifting travel restrictions for Americans wishing to visit family members in Cuba, and allowing them to send more remittances to the island. In so doing he hoped to avoid criticism from Latin American heads of state on the maintenance of the embargo. Many U.S. media […]

May 1 1988

The Media and the Environment

Redefining National Security

Beyond a doubt, the state of the environment—from local toxic dumps to global ozone layer depletion—is a subject of urgency and complexity, with ramifications for our planet’s future as far-reaching as nuclear war. In the 18 years that have passed since “Earth Day,” which coincided with the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Congressional passage of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, few would dispute the ever-increasing importance of ecological concerns. Yet, as Phil Shabecoff, the Washington-based environmental reporter for the New York Times, told Extra!, “I certainly don’t think that media coverage of the environment recognizes […]