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May 01 2012

Letters to the Editor

Extra! April 2012

Extra! April 2012Journalists, Teachers and the War for Truth Journalists like Robert Jensen certainly do “rock” (Extra!, 3/12) but like we teachers are caught between that and a hard place. After 25 years of teaching “in the trenches,” I’ve always understood how the war for truth goes: Journalists are in the front lines and we teachers are the support troops. Both of our professions are fighting for truth in a world filled with lies and, as always in war, truth is the first casualty. Ray Peterson Buffalo, N.Y. Kettle Owes Pot Apology In the April 2011 edition of Extra!, a […]

Mar 19 2010

Jemima Pierre on Haiti, Megan Tady on TV Wars


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: The network camera crews have mostly packed up and gone home, but the political fights over reconstruction and rebuilding in Haiti are only just getting started. University of Texas professor Jemima Pierre was part of a delegation that recently visited Haiti, and she wrote about what she saw for The Nation. She’ll join us to talk about what she found, and where the Haiti story is headed next. Also on the show: Media technology can put more control in consumers’ hands over the gathering and sharing of information and entertainment. But some folks would […]

Oct 01 2009

Alternative Cartoonists Nearing the Punch Line?

As alt weeklies go, so go alt comics

As alt weeklies go, so go alt comicsIt took years for cartoonist Dan Perkins, aka Tom Tomorrow, to syndicate his comic strip This Modern World in alternative weekly newspapers. But in just one afternoon, his career was knee-capped. Last January, the company Village Voice Media, publisher of 14 alternative weeklies, suspended all syndicated cartoons. This Modern World, a sardonic strip that hammers the political establishment and critiques the media, debuted in the SF Weekly in 1990 (and has frequently graced the pages of Extra!). The comic may be best known for its recurring character Sparky, a sarcastic, sunglasses-wearing penguin. Perkins’ […]

Nov 01 2008

Outsourcing Journalism

Localism threatened by offshore reporters and editors

Localism threatened by offshore reporters and editorsBrayden Simms had only five months to warm his seat as a copy editor at the Miami Herald before he joined the long list of journalists across the country losing their jobs faster and more suddenly than a breaking story. But while media companies are slashing their staff rosters, consolidating newsrooms and forcing those journalists left standing to take on the job responsibilities of their laid-off co-workers, there was something unique about Simms’ firing: He would be replaced. But the new copy editor doesn’t live in Miami, or Florida, or even the U.S. The […]