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Jun 1 2015

At CBS, CIA + GOP = ‘All Segments of American Life’

John Brennan on Face the Nation

The idea that the establishment’s favorite right-wing presidential candidate and the head of the CIA qualify as “interesting people from all segments of American life” can only make sense in the insular world of Beltway journalism.

May 15 2015

Tiffany Finck-Haynes on Bee Collapse, Michelle Chen on Nail Salon Workers


Are pesticide-makers’ PR efforts affecting government research into massive bee die-offs? And are occasional blockbuster stories like the NYT piece on labor conditions in nail salons the best media can do for workers rights issues?

Oct 1 2013

‘I Am Chelsea Manning’

Media misgendering reflects broader transphobia

CNN: "Army Private's stunning revelation to NBC"

  The transgender community has long been disrespected and mocked in the corporate media, and the summer of 2013 was no exception. Nowhere was this more evident than in the willful misgendering of US Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley. The day after she was sentenced to 35 years in prison, Manning came out as transgender. “I want everyone to know the real me. I am Chelsea Manning. I am a female,” declared Manning in a statement read by her lawyer on the Today show (8/22/13). “I hope that you will support me in this transition. I also […]

May 30 2013

Immigrants Missing From Immigration Debate

Political issue or economic factor--but not human beings

DC immigration rally (cc photo: Anuska Sampedro)

When Extra! analyzed immigration reform coverage, the majority of sources from all networks were white male politicians born in the United States without personal ties to immigration. The voices of immigrants or activists were mostly absent.

Aug 30 2012

Guest List for Fox’s “Special Report” and CNN’s “Wolf Blitzer Reports”

FAIR’s study of guests on Fox‘s Special Report with Brit Hume and CNN‘s Wolf Blitzer Reports identified the Democratic or Republican party affiliations of professional political guests, and identified all guests as either conservatives or non-conservatives. Non-conservative guests could range from center-right to left, and also included guests with no discernable ideology. Although FAIR did not attempt to identify how many guests were liberals or progressives, it is clear that virtually none appeared on Special Report with Brit Hume . Four of the six Democrats who appeared on the show are well-known centrist or conservative figures in their party–senators Joe […]

Aug 30 2012

FAIR in the News

FAIR in the News As part of our outreach work, FAIR spokespersons discuss and debate media issues on national TV and radio programs, and on local shows across the U.S. Below are a few highlights from recent coverage of FAIR’s work. Zogby-O’Leary Poll: ConWebBlog, (10/27/09) We’ve previously detailed how WorldNetDaily author Brad O’Leary uses slanted polling by Zogby to peddle his right-wing attacks on President Obama. Well, O’Leary has outdone himself. As Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting noted, the latest Zogby-O’Leary poll includes the following question: Federal Communications Commission Chief Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd wants the FCC to force good […]

Mar 1 2012

With Fox News Liberals, Who Needs Conservatives?

They play the left on Rupert Murdoch’s TV

Bob Beckel--Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Fox News co-host and contributor Bob Beckel has called for the assassination of WikiLeaks spokesperson Julian Assange (“A dead man can’t leak stuff”—Follow the Money, 12/6/10), for furnishing guns to school children (“If you give your kid a gun, no bullying”—Five, 1/5/12) and for militant opposition to the “War on Christmas,” which is “completely out of hand” (Five, 12/9/11). These views are anything but out of place on Fox News, where hosts and commentators are known for fantasizing about murdering progressives (FAIR Blog, 11/10/10), deifying gun ownership (Beck, 6/29/11) and courageously confronting those who would wish them happy holidays (O’Reilly […]

Oct 1 2011

Closer to Home, ‘Digital Democracy’ Loses Appeal

From Egypt to San Francisco, officials dislike protesters’ use of social media

Photo Credit: BART

When Bay Area Rapid Transit authorities shut off cell phone service to deter protests against police violence, the backlash went viral. And despite the stifling of social media in San Francisco-area stations and trains, dissenters may have gotten the last word with old-fashioned ink scrawled on a handmade sign: “Mu-BART-Ak?” The quip highlighted the double-speak behind the political establishment’s attitude toward subversive applications of social media. A few months earlier, the “Twitter Revolution” was all the rage in Washington; establishment figures like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (BusinessWeek, 1/27/11) and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman (6/5/11) praised the uprising […]