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Mar 01 1999

‘Old Days’ Slow to Haunt Lott

Press missed tips on racist ties

Press missed tips on racist tiesLong-standing ties between Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) and the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens are finally, if hesitatingly, coming to light. But at a time when the politics of impeachment have produced a number of related scandals involving a variety of Congress members, mainstream media have been slow to recognize Lott’s involvement with the CCC as scandalous. In fact, the real scandal is how the mainstream media, until recently, have all but ignored Lott’s many connections with the racist right. When Lott became Senate Majority Leader in 1996, Village Voice reporter Claire […]

Dec 22 1998

Washington Post Columnist Questions Lott’s "Fitness" To be Majority Leader

Record Shows Lott's Involvement With Racist

Record Shows Lott’s Involvement With RacistUPDATE to December 15 News Advisory On December 19, Washington Post editorial board member Colbert I. King began a column by calling on the Senate to reconsider Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott’s “fitness” for the job. The reason, wrote King, was Lott’s involvement with the racist Conservative Citizens (CCC), which serves as a forum for white supremacist and segregationist views. On December 12, Senator Lott’s press secretary told several media outlets that Lott’s involvement with the white-supremacist CCC amounted to a single speech to the group when Lott was in the House of Representatives more […]

Nov 01 1998

Polls Apart

Manufacturing an Anti-Bilingual Latino Majority

Manufacturing an Anti-Bilingual Latino MajorityPrior to the June 2, 1998 vote on bilingual education in California, mainstream news polls–local and national–predicted that not only would the anti-bilingual education Proposition 227 pass, but that it would do so with the overwhelming support of Latinos, blacks and other ethnic and racial groups. Time (5/18/98), citing pre-election polls, reported that “a majority of Latinos actually support the initiative.” U.S. News and World Report (5/25/98) made the same claim, adding that the only reason bilingual education was able to garner support in the Latino community was because “Latino activists” were placing their own “narrow […]

May 01 1998

Media Preferences

The Myth of Popular Opposition in the Affirmative Action Debate

The Myth of Popular Opposition in the Affirmative Action Debate“Houston Slows the Tidal Wave.” So said a recent headline in the U.S. News and World Report (11/17/97). But the notion that there is a popular, tidal wave-like movement in the United States, moving inexorably to erase affirmative action for women and racial minorities from the landscape of American life and law, is a myth. And at the heart of this myth is an image of outraged citizens expressing their disapproval of affirmative action through opinion polls, the ballot box and their legislators. The real impetus for the attempt to roll-back […]