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Sep 24 2015

‘They’re Robbing Kids of Critical Thinking’

CounterSpin interview with Jesse Hagopian about educational struggles in Seattle

Jesse Hagopian

“The movement is truly a mass social struggle to redefine the purpose of education: instead of being filling in bubbles, actually critical thinking.”

Sep 16 2015

Major Papers Reject the Opt-Out Option


Three papers offered arguments that closely align with the rhetoric of corporate education reform, focusing on the plight of low-income students of color while ignoring the realities of how testing affects such populations.

Aug 24 2015

LA Times’ ‘Independent’ Education Project Bankrolled by Charter School Backers

Wasserman Foundation: Education

The problem with the LA Times’ Education Matters project is that, despite its promise to create “independent journalism,” several of the organizations funding it have a direct stake in a very specific education reform agenda.

Jul 10 2015

When Candidates Talk Education, Media Rarely Go Beyond Buzzwords

Hillary Clinton (photo: Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist/NYT)

Buzzwords and phrases like “accountability,” “Common Core” and “school choice” abound in media coverage of candidates’ education policy, with little explanation provided to actually unpack what it means that a candidate is pro or con these things.

Jun 2 2014

Extra! June 2014

Extra! cover, June 2014

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Jun 1 2014

Schools ‘Failing’—but for Which Students?

Missing the issue of charters' selective enrollment

MSNBC, Morning Joe, charter schools

The issue of marginalized student groups underrepresented in charter schools went largely unreported in the pages of the Times before the election of Mayor de Blasio.

Dec 16 2011

Jamilah King on the digital divide, John Knefel on OWS arrests


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: Few deny anymore that internet access is becoming critical to taking part in political and economic life. So, what does it matter that research shows that higher proportions of African Americans and Latinos than white people are achieving that access through relatively more affordable smartphones rather than home computers? Our guest says unless things are changed, it’s going to matter very much indeed. Jamilah King from will join us to talk about the ‘new’ digital divide. Also on the show: The epidemic of strong-arm police tactics being applied to Occupy activists and the […]