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Jul 1 2009

Building a Better Journalism

Media activists and scholars share their ideas

Extra! asked progressive media activists and scholars to share their ideas on how to make journalism’s future better than its present; the following are some of the highlights. The one thing that we should do in the face of the erosion of commercial journalism is invest heavily in libraries. That means we should publicly support the human capital, technological tools, and collections of public, school and university libraries.The problem is not journalism per se. It’s the health of the public sphere, of which quality journalism is a major part. So if we accept that the landscape we have grown accustomed […]

Jan 1 1999

Scholarly Publications Hold Universities Hostage

Monopoly on journals causes prices to soar

Concerned about the high cost of college? Many people are, but your hard-earned dollars are hardly lining the pockets of history department faculty. What your tuition dollars are doing is fueling the profits of a few multinational media conglomerates that publish journals like Brain Research or Tetrahedron. Brain Research, a publication from Elsevier Science (owned by Reed Elsevier), costs a staggering $15,428 per year. Reed Elsevier also owns Pergamon, which publishes Tetrahedron; this journal of organic chemistry comes in at $10,320 per year. Considering that many libraries subscribe to thousands of journals, it’s easy to see how the buying power […]