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Nov 24 2015

A Day in the Quality of Life at the Manhattan Institute

The Manhattan Institute's panel on "Quality of Life" (photo: Manhattan Institute)

Last week I rolled up to 7 World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan for a “Quality of Life Panel” hosted by the Manhattan Institute, one of the city’s most influential conservative think tanks.

Dec 1 2014

Still Killing the Messenger

A feature film prompts a new round of attacks on Gary Webb

Detail from 'Kill the Messenger' poster

For the Washington Post and other major newspapers, the release of the movie about Gary Webb–Kill The Messenger–was just a new opportunity to smear his reputation.

Nov 1 2014

Propaganda Wars

In post-9/11 conflicts, media often misidentify the victors

ISIS recruits

In every war, there is a difference between reported news and what really happened, but during the Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria campaigns, the outside world has been left with misconceptions even about the identity of the victors.

Apr 1 2014

With Marijuana, the Obvious Is Incendiary

It’s hard to argue pot is riskier than alcohol—but many pundits did

Barack & the Weed Talk

American society devotes significant resources to a punitive approach to one substance, while fully legalizing and normalizing other far more dangerous and addictive substances.

Sep 1 2013

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Powerful interests are often pundits’ real bosses


Plenty of pundits play the role of partisan warriors in cable TV studios. But that’s not their real job—or at least not the one where they likely make their real money.

Aug 30 2012

Guest List for Fox’s “Special Report” and CNN’s “Wolf Blitzer Reports”

FAIR’s study of guests on Fox‘s Special Report with Brit Hume and CNN‘s Wolf Blitzer Reports identified the Democratic or Republican party affiliations of professional political guests, and identified all guests as either conservatives or non-conservatives. Non-conservative guests could range from center-right to left, and also included guests with no discernable ideology. Although FAIR did not attempt to identify how many guests were liberals or progressives, it is clear that virtually none appeared on Special Report with Brit Hume . Four of the six Democrats who appeared on the show are well-known centrist or conservative figures in their party–senators Joe […]

Aug 30 2012

FAIR in the News

FAIR in the News As part of our outreach work, FAIR spokespersons discuss and debate media issues on national TV and radio programs, and on local shows across the U.S. Below are a few highlights from recent coverage of FAIR’s work. Zogby-O’Leary Poll: ConWebBlog, (10/27/09) We’ve previously detailed how WorldNetDaily author Brad O’Leary uses slanted polling by Zogby to peddle his right-wing attacks on President Obama. Well, O’Leary has outdone himself. As Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting noted, the latest Zogby-O’Leary poll includes the following question: Federal Communications Commission Chief Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd wants the FCC to force good […]

Jun 1 2012

Extra! 2012 Letters Vol. 25, No. 6

Craven on Daisey First, I usually enjoy reading every word of every issue. But, second, the editor’s note on Mike Daisey (Extra!, 5/12) is craven to a fault. 1. Judging Daisey by journalistic standards is like criticizing a left fielder for his tackling ability. The fundamental problem stems from whoever’s decision put him on the wrong field. 2. Daisey is a theatrical person and never represented himself as anything but. Nobody goes to the theater to watch the New York Times, although with the right background music and soft lighting it might be pleasant enough. 3. Theater tells a different […]