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Jan 23 2016

Holding a ‘Go Donald!’ Media Accountable for ‘Normalizing Extremism’

Donald Trump

Reporters can’t ignore public figures, but is there daylight between covering news of a person and providing them a near-constant, legitimizing megaphone?

Mar 20 2015

Danny Schechter, 'News Dissector' and Creator, Dies at 72

Danny Schechter, groundbreaking media critic and legendary producer for both corporate and alternative media, died on March 19 at the age of 72.

Jan 26 2015

Saudi Dictator’s Death Shows NYT as Pawn of Power

Abdullah, tyrant who beheaded 'sorcerers,' was 'force of moderation'

New York Times Abdullah Obit

“This is a sad day,” remarked Secretary of State John Kerry (State Department, 1/22/15) over the death of Abdullah, the dictator of Saudi Arabia. “The United States has lost a friend,” he continued, and “the world has lost a revered leader.” The monarch–whose regime routinely flogs dissenters and beheads those guilty of “sorcery”–was, in Kerry’s words, “a man of wisdom and vision” (BBC, 1/22/15; 6/19/12). Vice President Joe Biden (White House, 1/22/15) announced that he “will be leading a presidential delegation representing the United States to pay our respects.” President Barack Obama himself fawned over the late autocrat: “I always […]

Sep 19 2014

Noam Chomsky in the New York Times!*


Okay, there’s a catch–it was on the letters page. Still, it was a surprise to see Noam Chomsky’s name in the Newspaper of Record. In a joint letter from Howard Friel and Chomsky’s longtime co-author Edward Herman, readers were exposed to an argument mostly unheard in the media frenzy for military strikes in Iraq and Syria: Such strikes are illegal under the United Nations charter. US media don’t spend much time dwelling on the requirements of international law, which is why the letter was so important. As the press pushes for more war, FAIR wants to be here to fight […]

Aug 1 2013

The Alteration of Alt Weeklies

Corporatization in Columbus

John F. Wolfe, Dispatch CEO and Publisher

The demise of the Columbus alternative press wasn’t due to dried-up print advertising revenue, Craigslist or stiff competition from the hyper-local blogosphere, progressives say. Instead, the papers were deliberately silenced or lobotomized.

May 1 2013

Whose Police State?

National media focus on 2nd Amendment over 4th Amendment


National media focus on 2nd Amendment over 4th Amendment.

Nov 26 2012

What Journalists, Scholars and Activists Are Saying

Barbara Ehrenreich “I promote FAIR wherever I go. It is one of the most important pro-democracy projects in the United States.” Noam Chomsky “What the FAIR collective, and the emphasis should be on the word collective, what it has accomplished in these years is quite remarkable. There are many people, and I’m definitely one of them, who are looking forward with eager anticipation to what’s sure to come next, to the insightful correctives, information, general enlightenment that doubtless lie ahead. I would just like to congratulate the collective on its wonderful achievements and hope that many others will be encouraged […]

Aug 30 2012

Keep the Heat on Corporate Media: Support FAIR Today!

After 25 years, FAIR feels more energized than ever. Why? Our sold-out anniversary celebration in New York with Glenn Greenwald, Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore inspired us. Tens of thousands of readers visit our website each and every month. Activists and academics tell us they’re drawing on FAIR’s expertise and experience. FAIR’s analysis has even made it into major media outlets like NPR and the Washington Post. We have documented and debunked media attacks on workers in Wisconsin and beyond. We challenged the media’s pro-war tilt from Afghanistan to Libya. And we pushed back against the media panic […]