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Apr 20 2009

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—————— Aarons, Leroy Beyond balance: thorough coverage of gay controversies is still the exception (Ott), 1-2/02;27 Abbas, Mahmoud Nixed signals [when Hamas hinted at peace, U.S. media didn’t take the message] (Ackerman), 9-10/06;10 ABC. see also Nightline ABC does “something useful” [programs on poor children], 11-12/91;19 ABC erased protesters [at the Oscars], 6/99up;3 ABC News goes for the gold, 9/92;16 ABC’s 1984 cover-up for the gipper, 3-4/90;15 ABC’s antiwar “reality check”: world news tonight minimizes support for withdrawal (Hart and Naureckas), 10/05up;4 ABC’s military analyst calls for “excessive force”: CSIS’s cordesman advocates brutality against Palestinians (Ackerman), 1-2/01;23 ABC’s one-color TV, […]

Jan 1 1989

Are You on the Nightline Guestlist?

ABC News Nightline is widely considered to be the preeminent public affairs program in the United States. It undoubtedly has the biggest audience of such shows; five to seven million households are tuned to Nightline on an average week night. With its combination of near-universal acclaim from critics and a large number of loyal viewers, Nightline plays an important role in defining the national political terrain. Yet, surprisingly, there has been little analysis of Nightline. Last year FAIR commissioned William Hoynes and David Croteau, two sociology graduate students at Boston College, to conduct a study of Nightline‘s guestlist. They examined […]

Nov 1 1988

The Corporatization of Public TV

Why Labor’s Voice Is Seldom Heard on PBS

Ad for MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour

“Look Mom, Star Trek.” “Hey, I thought you said you were going to watch public TV.” “This is public TV!” “Then how come I just saw Tony the Tiger on an ad?” Mom’s wrong. First of all, that was no ad, it was “enhanced underwriting,” a plug for a corporate contributor. Second, Junior’s as likely these days to see Star Trek, Lassie and other syndicated shows on public TV as Mom is likely to catch National Geographic on a commercial channel. Despite the recycled shows and sponsors’ plugs, working people still like public TV. You can tell by subscriber donations […]