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Nov 1 1993

Erasing Rape

Media Hype an Attack on Sexual-Assault Research

According to author Katie Roiphe, acquaintance rape is just a term radical feminists use to describe a night that you regret. She made this argument in a New York Times op-ed in 1991, and made it again in a New York Times Magazine cover story (6/13/93), labeled “Rape Hype.” The magazine piece was an excerpt from her new book, The Morning After: Sex, Fear and Feminism on Campus, which was sympathetically reviewed by the Times‘ Christopher Lehmann-Haupt (9/16/93), who praised Roiphe’s “courage.” It was reviewed again (favorably) on the front page of the New York Times book review section (9/18/93)–perhaps […]

Mar 1 1990

Extra! March/April 1990

Articles in the print edition The Press Slices Up the Peace Dividend by Robert Krinsky FAIR Meets With N.Y. Times Publisher Extra! Exclusive: CIA Chief Bush Suppresses the News by Robert Gardner CIA Guidelines on Contacts with Journalists Censored Story: CIA Links to the Savings & Loan Scandal Rooney Tunes Brokaw’s “Jaded Tour” by Dennis Perrin We Shall Overlook: Gay Talese’s New South Checkbook Media Criticism The Media and the Arthur Kill Spill by Peter McDonald Aquaintance Rape and the Media by Paula Kamen and Steve Rhodes Gore Vidal Speaks for FAIR Reporting the Scandals of Carter and Reagan by […]