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Feb 1 2014

14th Annual Fear and Favor Review

Owners and advertisers vs. journalism

Defense One, a magazine for the “national security community.”

Private corporations care very much about the content of the news they sponsor or, as outlet owners, produce—that it not be too downbeat, or provide a platform for anyone asking hard questions about corporate America.

Aug 30 2012

2010 FAIR Sustainers

Your generous donations have topped the goal for our year-end fundraising! We are incredibly grateful for the overwhelming show of support. In 2011 we’ll keep fighting corporate media misinformation…thanks to you! If your name was missed, or if you wish to be removed from the list, please contact FAIR Watchdog $1000+ Matt Clark Warren Habib Francis Hagan Michael Protzel FAIR Gadfly $500-999 Judith Belzer & Michael Pollan The Bungie Foundation Xan Gregg Stephen Hillyer Roger Myers Kathleen Naureckas Chris Orr Peter Sills David Suisman Peter Thompson FAIR Advocate $250-499 Joani Blank Jonathan Breslau Alan Carlson Mary Cleveland Thomas Cramp […]

Mar 19 2007

Iraq and the Media: A Critical Timeline


It’s hardly controversial to suggest that the mainstream media’s performance in the lead-up to the Iraq War was a disaster. In retrospect, many journalists and pundits wish they had been more skeptical of the White House’s claims about Iraq, particularly its allegations about weapons of mass destruction. At the same time, though, media apologists suggest that the press could not have done much better, since “everyone” was in agreement on the intelligence regarding Iraq’s weapons threat. This was never the case. Critical journalists and analysts raised serious questions at the time about what the White House was saying. Often, however, […]

Jan 1 1999

Murder in Java

Psychological warfare and the New York Times

In late 1998, the world watched with concern a sinister wave of killings against moderate Muslim clerics in East Java, Indonesia. The killings had the marks of a psychological terror campaign, much like that waged in 1965 by the Indonesian Army. By its use of “psywar,” the Army was able to kill off its Communist political opposition and at the same time reinforce a desire for rule by a strongman regime. In that Army campaign at least 500,000 civilians were killed. The analogies between 1965 and 1998 are many: the distribution of death lists to terrify the public, the arrival […]

Nov 1 1991

Time Suppresses Contra Drug Story

As Time magazine’s resident expert on narcotics trafficking, Elaine Shannon was a predictable choice for the New York Time Book Review (7/28/91) to critique the book Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and the CIA in Central America by Peter Dale Scott and Jonathan Marshall. Predictably, she slammed the book, whose central thesis is that the U.S.-backed Nicaraguan Contras “trafficked extensively in cocaine while the CIA, National Security Council, and Justice Department ignored the evidence.” In her review, the Time magazine correspondent poked fun at Scott and Marshall for believing that media timidity had helped the CIA’s alliance with drug dealers: “[The […]

Sep 1 1988

George Bush: The Teflon Candidate

George H.W. Bush

As the media dominate the presidential campaign, the pattern of 1980 and 1984 seems to be repeating itself. Instead of analyzing and exposing George Bush’s tarnished record, the US press has coated the vice president with the same teflon which protected Ronald Reagan for the past eight years. This is especially true with respect to the most controversial episodes in Bush’s generally bland past: his one-year stint as CIA director in 1976, and what was as described by a White House memo as his “solid” support for the secret 1986 arms shipments to Iran (New York Times, 12/18/87). According to […]

May 1 1988

The Media and the Environment

Redefining National Security

Beyond a doubt, the state of the environment—from local toxic dumps to global ozone layer depletion—is a subject of urgency and complexity, with ramifications for our planet’s future as far-reaching as nuclear war. In the 18 years that have passed since “Earth Day,” which coincided with the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Congressional passage of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, few would dispute the ever-increasing importance of ecological concerns. Yet, as Phil Shabecoff, the Washington-based environmental reporter for the New York Times, told Extra!, “I certainly don’t think that media coverage of the environment recognizes […]