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Peter Hart on Syria and Sarin, Dilip Hiro on Afghan Corruption


Peter Hart talks about Syria and chemical weapons claims, and author Dilip Hiro joins the show to talk about how stories about Afghan corruption fail to explain the U.S. role in creating that corruption.


CounterSpin, hosted by Janine Jackson, Steve Rendall and Peter Hart


FAIR’S weekly radio show highlighting biased and inaccurate news; censored stories; sexism, racism and homophobia in the news; the power of corporate influence; gaffes and goofs by leading TV pundits; TV news’ narrow political spectrum; attacks on free speech; and more


Paul Sullivan on Gulf War Syndrome, Peter Hart on Obama's nominees


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: For years veterans claiming to suffer from Gulf War Syndrome were derided as cranky and hysterical by the department of defense and even by some journalists. Will that change now that a definitive report says the Gulf War illnesses are real, incurable, and caused by toxic materials used by the U.S. military during the 1991 Gulf War? We'll talk to Paul Sullivan, a veteran and the executive director of Veterans for Common Sense. Also on the show: As the Obama White House takes shape, Americans are asking what the president-elect's cabinet choices suggest about […]


Peter Hart on 2008 primaries, Kali Akuno on New Orleans public housing


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: Expecting the pundits, political reporters and pollsters to learn from their mistakes may be a bad bet considering their performance in covering the recent Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. But the bad coverage didn't end at bad predictions about who would win and lose and which candidates would be forced to leave the race. We'll be joined by CounterSpin's own Peter Hart for a discussion of the election coverage so far. Also on the show: Remember how Hurricane Katrina was going to force elites in this country to acknowledge decades of neglect, […]


Peter Stone on campaign financing, Dean Baker on TARP


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: Reporters can always find many themes in election season, but some are saying this time around there's really only one and that’s money. A new study from the Center for Public Integrity examines the fundraising going into the midterm elections; what impact is the Supreme Court's Citizen United ruling having on the already prepossessing flow of dollars to candidates and their PR? We'll hear from the study's author, Peter Stone, the head of Center for Public Integrity's Money and Politics team. Also on the show: The economic meltdown and the government response to it […]


Extra! October 2014

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Articles Available Only to Subscribers:   SoundBites Race Lens #FTP Film Tha Police Communities of color use media to protect themselves by Josmar Trujillo CounterSpin Interview 'The Black Voice is in Jeopardy' Malkia Cyril on Ferguson Both Sides Now Plans to ease poverty don't have to work--so long as they're bipartisan by Neil deMause NYT  Fails First Test of New Torture Policy Paper says it will call it what it is--when it reports on it all by Peter Hart Official Sources May be the Only Sources Risen case tests reporters' power to reveal government wrongdoing by Lauren McCauley   To […]


STUDY: Cable News: A White Man's World

White, male guests dominate across CNN, Fox, MSNBC


A new FAIR study reveals that when it comes to primetime cable news debates, it's a white man's world. Surveying six primetime programs on CNN,Fox News and MSNBC, the study finds that 84 percent of the 1,015 guests appearing in interview or discussion segments in a five-week period were white, while 72 percent were men. The least ethnically diverse show was, surprisingly enough, on the liberal-leaning MSNBC. On the Rachel Maddow Show--which also featured the fewest number of interview guests--94 percent of the sources were white. Fox's O'Reilly Factor was close behind, with a 90 percent white guest list. The most frequent guests on the programs are other […]


Extra! July/August 2014

Extra! July 2014

Articles Available Only to Subscribers: SoundBites Who Gets to Speak on Cable News The identity of the whitest, malest show we found may surprise you by Peter Hart Spinning Away Israel 'Gaffes' Damage control for Christie and Kerry's inadvertent honesty by Alex Kane White, White Don't Tell Me NPR's bumbling attempts at diversity by Josmar Trujillo Study Confirms Our Wealth-Controlled Politics News suppressed by our wealth-controlled media by Steve Rendall and Janine Jackson It Will be Facebook's Virtual World Will we just live--and work-- in it? by J.F. Sargent