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Jun 12 2009

Phyllis Bennis on Obama’s Cairo speech, Jonathan Tasini on the Boston Globe/GM


Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: Barack Obama has either been currying favor with Muslims or extending an olive branch in the Middle East depending on which media you consume. We’ll talk with Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies about Obama’s major speech in Cairo, and the size of the gap between words and actions. Also on the show: The Boston Globe says it will impose a 23 percent wage cut on its employees on June 14. This is needed, says the Globe’s parent New York Times Company, because that paper is losing money. But is there more […]

May 1 2001

Mindless and Deadly

Media hype on mental illness and violence

Buried deep in a New York Times story (1/30/01) about the brutal murder of Dartmouth professors Susanne and Half Zantop, resides a common prejudice linking violence with mental illness. Speculating on the reason for the attack, the paper noted that Half Zantop “had once tried to help a mentally ill young man.” When two local youth were arrested–neither suffering from overt psychosis–the knee-jerk response seemed groundless. Yet the initial impression associating the crime with mental illness had already been molded. When a Manhattan woman was assaulted with a brick by an unknown assailant, the New York Daily News (11/19/99) ran […]

Mar 1 2001

Test-Score ‘Facts’ Need Media Scrutiny

In voucher study, an average is not just an average

With competing political agendas ready to balkanize public education, reporting on test scores is no less important than reporting on campaign contributions, corporate balance sheets or federal budget numbers. More so, in fact, because the “facts” of test numbers are often used to adorn arguments that cannot otherwise justify attention. A case in point is the spate of stories that reported higher test scores for African-American students at voucher-funded schools. Filling their back-to-school pages in August and September 2000, the media jumped to reported the findings of Paul Peterson, a Harvard professor and fellow at the conservative Hoover Institute The […]