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Mar 1 2013

Aaron Swartz, 1986-2013

An irreplaceable activist for freedom of information

It’s always difficult to write about a death. If it’s after a lifetime of accomplishments, how do you sum that up in a few brief paragraphs? When a life has been cut cruelly short, it’s even worse—trying hopelessly to convey the sense of lost possibilities. With Aaron Swartz, who died on January 11 by his own hand, you have the worst of both worlds. At the age of 26, he had already achieved so much in so many different arenas as to baffle an obituary writer: taking part in creating the RSS protocol when he was just 14 years old, […]

Aug 30 2012

Guest List for Fox’s “Special Report” and CNN’s “Wolf Blitzer Reports”

FAIR’s study of guests on Fox‘s Special Report with Brit Hume and CNN‘s Wolf Blitzer Reports identified the Democratic or Republican party affiliations of professional political guests, and identified all guests as either conservatives or non-conservatives. Non-conservative guests could range from center-right to left, and also included guests with no discernable ideology. Although FAIR did not attempt to identify how many guests were liberals or progressives, it is clear that virtually none appeared on Special Report with Brit Hume . Four of the six Democrats who appeared on the show are well-known centrist or conservative figures in their party–senators Joe […]

Oct 1 2010

Open Access Has Corporate Journals on the Run

Researchers create alternatives to for-profit academic publishing

Photo Credit: Open Access

It’s not often that a small group of determined colleagues take on corporate power and win, but in academic publishing exactly that is happening. The colleagues are the scientists, researchers, and professors of the Open Access Publishing movement. The corporate powers are the well-monied and politically savvy publishers like Reed Elsevier, whose thousands of journals have provided a vital nervous system to the worldwide research community. But the proponents of Open Access didn’t win by standing up to the publishers, or pushing a legislative fix. Instead of fighting, they decided to leave the publishing system and reconvene the party elsewhere. […]

Jun 1 2008

Reprivatizing Elvis

E.U. may take a half-century of music out of the public domain

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons/Royce S

There aren’t many places where social activists and conservative economists agree, but copyright is one of them. Milton Friedman famously announced that he wouldn’t sign an amicus brief in the Eldred case, which challenged the extension of U.S. copyrights by 20 years, unless it included the term “no-brainer.” It didn’t, but he and 16 other economists signed anyway. The economists and activists lost that one, but their alliance showed how large and complex the battle over copyright has gotten. The latest battle is over the European Union extending the copyright for recorded performances from 50 to 95 years. It’s not […]